Oh No. The Pony… Again?


Okay… here’s the thing. I’m using these entries as a photo log of my learning process. And frankly, it’s really the only thing I’m doing right now besides waiting for the corn to ripen. So there’s not much else to write about!

Here’s my new dye pot and my new strategy for keeping the papers in a tight bundle. I think this is one of the reasons this batch turned out so nicely. It made for really good contact between the papers and the plant material.


The group portrait:


I tried cutting a few seed pods… really tiny ones… a small crabapple, and a green acorn into slices to see how they would look. Turns out, not that great….



I picked some flowering plum leaves that turned out to be very showy. The bottom side of the leaf releases lots of color. The top side generally just makes an outline.


At the last minute when I was gathering plants, I grabbed a grass that was going to seed. I’m glad I did. I got this nice effect:


This one really shows the difference between the front and the back of a plum leaf….


Morning glories…


On the last paper of the stack, I sort of threw a whole bunch of my leftover leaves and flowers and ended up with this wonder…


It’s hard to show the amazing amount of detail on some of the papers:







Maple seeds from a Japanese Maple…


Just amazing colors from snapdragons:


Sweet pea blossom with some of those grass seeds….


Asparagus fronds with marigold petals and grass seeds… this is printed on a sheet for printing business cards… I’ll separate them out later on. Maybe use them for little book marks.


I’ve been doing this most of the day and I’m tuckered out now!

Though just as obsessed.

I’m already planning the next experiment!

lime wild






  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    You will be an expert in no time!
    These turned out great!!

  2. Mamallama says:

    Obsess away!
    More stunning wonders!

  3. FutureCat says:

    I’m not surprised you’re obsessed – those are mesmerising!

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