Holding On Till Next Time


I’m still flying pretty high from yesterday’s art adventure.

I did however sober up long enough to realize I am NOT going to pay another five dollars for less than two ounces of alum at the local grocery to rig up another dye pot.

Instead I ordered it in bulk on line. It won’t be here till Saturday and not usable by me till Sunday. So I’m sort of stuck until then.

I decided to distract myself by getting out the ironing board and I ironed all the papers which were pretty lumpy and wrinkly from their two hour ordeal in the water.

Yesterday when I took those photos, the papers were still wet. I worried that the colors were going to fade when they dried out. I was completely wrong. In fact, I think they seem even more intense and defined today.

Here are some close ups to show how much detail actually was transferred in the process… I’m just amazed by it.

The lacy thing in the lower right hand corner is the blossom from a butterfly bush:


The blue comes from a deep pink Sweet William blossom and you can see the shape of Japanese Maple seed wings in the upper left…




In this photo, it shows the extra color that comes out from the stem of a leaf. Not sure why that happens, but I love it….


I don’t know if I’m ever going to recover from this much mysterious beauty….


I may have to go into therapy.

Dr. Alum and the Rusty Horse Shoe Clinic may be my only hope……







  1. Mamallama says:

    They are really quite stunning.

  2. These are just beautiful!

  3. Bonnie Floyd says:

    What an exciting thing to discover!

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