Moon Dancing


Last night I wanted to see a little astronomical event that I knew was happening because I am on the Sky and Telescope newsletter list.

Venus was supposed to be really close to the new moon. But I had to be careful I didn’t miss it, because it would be going down before it was really dark.

So I drove out to the bridge over Scott River, where there is an open view of the sky. Sure enough, I could barely see the moon as it was still very light. And I realized I would be able to see it from home too. I figured I had about 45 minutes.

While I waited for it to get a little darker, I took some pictures of the river with the remnants of the thunderstorm that had passed over us earlier, dropping some much needed and welcome rain.


It is impossible to take only one shot at this spot… so here’s one more of the dozen I took…


I love living here. It’s magical sometimes.

Anyway, I toodled home and after a few panicked moments wandering around the property trying to find the moon among all our trees… there it was, with it’s temporary companion…


There are many ways one can spend their time.

Chasing the Moon and Venus would be near the top of my list.








  1. Oh. You know I really love this. ❤️⭐️🌙

  2. FutureCat says:

    I’m not on any mailing lists, so didn’t know the near conjunction was happening, but I did happen to look up at the new moon last night and saw Venus sitting right beside it. Very cool! (And even though I know that’s how the rotation of the world works, there’s still something very weird about the fact that I saw the same astronomical phenomenon here in NZ as you saw on the other side of the Pacific a few hours later!)

  3. Mamallama says:

    Stunning photos!!

  4. Teresa Auldridge says:

    Breathtaking. And, yes, you do live in a magical place and I love sharing your surrounding beauty vicariously. I’m envious :)

  5. Cheryl Taylor says:


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