Sunrise At Heartwood Cottage


I have actually DONE two pages in my One Book July journal, but I now know that even *I* have SOME self respect, and I won’t be posting them. . .

Moving on….

I was up this morning before the sun, to let the chickens out, and had the presence of mind to take my camera along.

Just about the time I have made up my mind that …[fill in the blank] flower is my favorite this year…

I come up against certain new information:


What can I tell you?

Here’s the garden looking from the southeast:


I think the feverfew rather likes that spot in the corner of the cabbage bed don’t you?

Here’s a sunflower on its way to opening:


I was finally able to catch a photo of Waldo…


Do you see him?

Here’s another one…


Though not the best photo ever… it’s a start. I’ll keep trying.

And lastly, this picture of a tiny creeping zinnia I think is the most unexpected sight of the morning… almost surreal.


Yeah…. that.









  1. Mamallama says:

    Gorgeous things are happening in your yard!!

  2. Cheryl Taylor says:

    That first flower shot….breathtaking!

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