…The Bad and the Ugly


So I thought I would ‘try something’ on today’s art journal page….

It’s possible that ‘something’ was just a little too vague of a guideline.

(Ya think? Sheesh…that’s really awful.)

I know.

But I’m just keepin’ it real. It’s what happened.

(This is a little too much reality for me. I feel nauseous.)

Me too.



I tried the trick they use in Portland Oregon.

‘Put a bird on it.’

(Listen Cupcake, I hate to break it to you… but it didn’t work.)

I know.



lime wild






  1. Cheryl Taylor says:


    Sometimes stuff gets real.

  2. Mamallama says:

    Some days are just like that.
    It’s all a learning process….

  3. Teresa Auldridge says:

    Ya never know ’til you try! Thanks for the chuckle.

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