One Book July 2018


Last year I participated in something called One Book July. It was originally a challenge to stay in one book or planner for the month, and to challenge yourself to get out of ruts or something like that. Since the creators of the idea keep saying over and over, “There are no rules.” I’m taking them at their word.

I want to do art again in my Stalogy notebook, since it has about a million pages in it and they need to be filled up.DSC04892

The paper is quite thin, but actually takes watercolor really well because of the finish on it. But it does wrinkle them up in a quite satisfying way….


Here’s something from last year’s efforts:


I totally swipe ideas off of Pinterest.

So here is my first page for 2018:


Hey C. !!!  I splattered with no fear!

Pen, ink, and watercolor.

It’s a start…







  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Woo hoo!

    Let the fun begin…and splatter away!

    I love day 1!

  2. Lovely. You Inspire me!

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