Kick the Cupcake


My friend C. is a creative enabler.

I was going to sing her praises, which would take me a very long time, because there’s a lot to sing about, but in this department, she is sorta pushy. In a nice way. But she won’t let you get away with much when she knows you could be expanding your creative envelope.

So, her latest trick was to send me a beautiful watercolor book.

Her version of a kick in the fanny.

Said fanny was smarting, so I sat down and inaugurated the book.





Thank you C. for the boot.



And the book! :-)

I wasn’t being a TOTAL slacker though… I made this for my grandson the other day….

DSC04804 (1)


I’m hoping to do some broadening of my art horizons on the pages of the divine book.

As soon as the boot marks go away….









  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Yay! Isn’t it Divine to paint in?

    What a great way to inaugurate the journal. Enjoy!


  2. Mamallama says:

    Beautiful wreath!
    Adorable bunny!
    I love your arting. :)

  3. Bonnie Floyd says:

    Love the bunny! Since my daughter and her husband have 3 bunnies and no children, I guess I am the grandmother of bunnies!

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