Something Not Food


I was wanting to copy a certain artist’s style and decided to try a little sample to see if I could do it.

Turns out, no so much. I’m WAY too insecure to show you her work just now. Perhaps if I do a better job one day I’ll share it. Right now I was just trying to get the saturation of color that she does….

DSC04661 (1)

There are a couple of aspects that hint to it, but I’m going to have to call this ‘a swing and a miss’.

On other fronts…. literally…. the weather has warmed up and one feels a certain change in the general psychological atmosphere too.

I’m sensing a shake up in the status quo.

Right now I’m just making a note of the feeling. We shall see what fruit it bears.

The other day, I was looking at some old posts to check on what was going on in my garden at this time in years past.

Then I got an idea.

Once in a while…. maybe often… I’m going to put a link to a post from the ‘way back when archives’. Just for fun and contrast. The only thing that makes me hesitate is that I think I used to be a better writer than I am now. :-)

Anyway, here’s an entry from 2003, when I had a four day job working at a convention center, handing out name tags and answering questions at the entrance booth.








  1. Mamallama says:

    Well I, for one, think your version is pretty cool.
    Even without seeing the original.
    Loved reading the old post.
    Learned something new about you!!

  2. Cheryl Taylor says:

    I also have the restless spirit! A shift?

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