Too Much


So there’s this little situation outdoors. ¬†One, there is a rainstorm coming. This alone urges me on to get some things done in the yard and garden. But the second thing is I have a little trip planned next week and I wanted to wrap things up around here so I could totally be present for that and not having a list of chores nagging at my mind.

There’s only one thing wrong with this.

I’m old now.

I don’t care about the ‘you are only as old as you think you are’ and mind over matter strategies that people throw out there to stay young in their minds. There are physical limitations that don’t give a flying flip about what’s going on between your ears while you are on your hands and knees grubbing around in the leaf mold underneath an overgrown bush.

Anyway, the upshot is that I pushed myself way too hard this last week and now I am not only tired and sore, but I’m really grumpy about being tired and sore. I think the grumpy part is harder to take.

It has occurred to me that perhaps I am trying to take care of too much real estate and perhaps need to stop grooming so territory. I’ll be thinking that over this afternoon during nap time.

Here’s this morning’s project:


The lilac bush.


Also known as…. the leaf vortex of doom.

I have to walk around this thing all the time and it annoys me every time I look at it. The deer continually eat the new shoots that try to come up that will replenish the plant as old branches die. I decided to get rid of the annoyance, and protect the plant at the same time. But it was not easy.

Two hours and four cartloads of leaves later….



I even planted some clover I am experimenting with underneath it. We will see if anything comes up.

I also removed three carts of leaves from the chicken fence.


Last night I cleared the east end of the pen, uncovering the iris and dug around my little maple tree and planted clover there too. It was getting dark when I took this picture….


But now… for now….I’m officially DONE in the yard.

(Wait till the grass starts to grow. Don’t forget the lawn mowing…)


Where’s the aspirin?








  1. Teresa Auldridge says:

    So glad to know I’m not the only one with cranky joints, sore muscles and arthritic knees (and hands and feet…..) . But your accomplishments look terrific! Hope the clover likes it’s new home. It’s still ferociously windy and chilly here in SW VA. But our flowering trees are popping out and daffodils are up and at ’em! There’s hope yet.

  2. cheryl f says:

    Great Idea for the Lilac bush, the chickens look fat and happy. D

  3. Mamallama says:

    Good job!
    I’m glad you will have a week of rest.

  4. Sharon C. says:

    It is time for you to pamper yourself. You deserve it after all the amazing work you have done.

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