Out And About In February


A little time has gone by.


I guess there hasn’t been anything of note to write about or document until just lately.

The weather has been very mild, coaxing me out of doors where I have accomplished quite a few yard and garden chores.

The most pressing one was to rake up all the sticks and acorns left over from last fall that were strewn all around under the oak trees.

And I do mean strewn. ALL around. It was a royal mess. As a matter of fact, for many months there was a little post it on my Kan Ban board with the words: “Acorn Wars” written on it. Yesterday I got to move it over to the DONE column.  It took me three sessions over three days to do it though. I didn’t want to get all stove up from tackling the entire yard in one day…. which was my old way of doing things…. :-)


Each day of warm weather brought an opportunity to make progress on the Spring cleanup list.

I transplanted several volunteer sweet pea plants that had come up. I hope they like their new home.

DSC04334 (1)

I cleaned out the flower beds close to the house, including the one around the oak tree and transplanted one of my ornamental grasses. I don’t know the name of it. A friend gave me a clump a few years ago and I had a nice little patch of volunteers come up.

DSC04330 (2)

I pulled all the carrots that were left in the carrot bed and picked up all the leaves around it too. It’s all ready for a new crop…


I found a lone viola growing over by the compost pile. I have no idea how it got there, but it certainly is a brave little thing. There is obviously some kind of bug that is awake too and has chewed on it already. A pretty a cheeky bug too, for February.


And finally, when I removed the piles of oak leaves off the flower bed by the front porch, I found these hiding:


It won’t be long till we get to see their cheerful blooms….

Even though I am moving very slowly through these chores, they ARE getting done. I even planted a few short rows of shelling peas to see how they might do. S. told me I have her blessing to plant peas and any other cold crop I want to. And she should know, she’s the master gardener in our neighborhood.

But who knows, two weeks from now, we could be knee deep in snow.

But by golly, those dang acorns have been taken care of.

Now I can walk barefoot in the yard in peace and tranquility.

And I’ll give () the honor of cracking the joke of the day….

(“You fought with my father in the Acorn Wars?”)


Damn straight I did.

lime wild







  1. Teresa Auldridge says:

    Love the brave little viola. All looks well in S Valley paradise.

  2. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Your yard and house look great!

  3. Awwww.
    I love those sweet viola faces!

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