Sock Memory


If you are anywhere near your golden years, [unless you are doing it all the time anyway], do you ever worry that you might forget how to ride a bike?

Well, except for the handlebars, the wheels, the chain, and the pedals, I was worrying about the same thing.

(What in the name of all that’s coherent, ARE you talking about?)

Well, I used to know how to make these….



As a matter of fact, this was my finest sock hour I do believe.

But it has been quite a while since I picked up my tiny little sock needles and tried to use them.

I had been mulling this over for the last few months and thought I should do something about it, but even though I have bins full of yarn, I had no sock yarn on hand.

However, the Universe has a sense of humor, and the other day, the yarn came to ME.

S. had a bag of yarn given to her by one of her daughters, and S. gave it to me.

In the bag were 4 balls of sock yarn.

I got the message. :-)

I cast on last night, as is my usual way… two socks worked sections at a time together. I cannot abide finishing one sock and then having to start another one from the very beginning. That just seems WRONG to me. I do a relay. And they are finished as a pair within an hour of each other. I think this brings more harmony in The Force.


My camera did not catch the true color of this yarn, which is actually the color of the hooded cloaks that were given to Frodo and Samwise by the Elves. A nice forest/sage green.

The cuffs are finished now and I’m ready to to straight knitting for a goodly stretch.

It felt good to know I hadn’t forgotten what to do.

However, there will be a heels to turn, gussets to pick up and toe decreases to execute, and finally I’ll have to watch the tutorial on line ONCE AGAIN to work the kitchener stitch across the toes.

But I have my notes from the class I took once from Stephanie Perl McPhee herself called ‘Grok The Sock’.

I hope I still can pull the Grok out of my memory banks.

We’ll see….








  1. The most lovely socks ever. Suitable for framing!

  2. Mamallama says:

    Oh my, those purple socks are beautiful!!
    I’m sure these will be just as nice.
    Bravo for picking up those socks needles again!

  3. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Awesome! I think I’ve forgotten how to knit!

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