Pi On The Edge Of Collapsing Space-Time


I just read an interesting article by a mathematician who asserted with many mind warping arguments which included those cryptic math symbols and a lot of numbers that sit on top of other numbers, that in his opinion, time is collapsing into itself right now.

And even though I am higher math challenged, and cannot even begin to explain his work, I think I agree with him. I may not get the physics, but I sure feel it in my intuition.

Happy New Year by the way. Keep your eyes open, the next one is going to come quicker than the last one. I’m just sayin’. Seriously. It’s a Thing.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Today, my contribution to the general festive atmosphere of the family dinner is something that I was pretty much forced to try.

The other night we all went out to dinner to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday. On the menu was ‘Buttermilk Pie’. What?

Now I have HEARD of buttermilk pie, and had a recipe in my favorite pie cookbook, but always thought it sounded pretty dang weird and never tried it.

Well, that’s before I TASTED one. Wow.

I knew what I had to do.

And I did it.


Now I haven’t tasted it yet as you can see, so I cannot vouch for it’s edibility. But it is rather pretty.

The piece we ate in the restaurant came with fresh fruit and a spoonful of cream topping falling off the side in a little river. Lordy.

Ours will most likely be eaten plain.

I’ll let you know what the verdict is.

And don’t forget…. keep an eye on the collapsing space-time manifold…you don’t want that thing sneaking up on you.








  1. FutureCat says:

    That pie definitely looks pretty – I await your verdict on the taste with interest.

  2. The daily news definitely lends credibility to the theory of collapsing space-time… the pie looks like a great escape tactic :).
    Loved talking to Aunt Mary to wish her a great birthday. So glad she’s doing well.
    Enjoy your culinary adventure!

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