This, That, With A Side of Pens!


So I’ve mailed off my seed orders.

Is it Spring yet?

(Don’t be ridiculous.)

Why not? It’s fun!

I have a marvelous thing in my kitchen, even if it IS January.

Remember this?


Sweet potato.

That was taken on was December 11.

This was taken a few minutes ago…


Oh yeah! Did you know that sweet potatoes are in the morning glory family?

Well, now you do!

I have NO idea what I’m going to do with it as time goes on. I imagine it will start to drape over the edges under its own weight at some point. But it sure is a cheerful sight here in the bleak.

I painted a little bird yesterday that I saw on Pinterest.

I’m very happy with the result. . .


(What is is with you and birds?)

I don’t know!

I just ordered myself a little present.

You know why?

Because my – ‘year of not buying any more pens because I have a freak load of them already’ is OVER!


An obsessive/compulsive writer’s dream.

I can hardly wait to try them.