In Which the Cupcake Balances Her Chi

The obsessive compulsive …. I hesitate to use the word ‘disorder’ right here, because that tendency is not always a problem.

I mean, if you were on the operating table, wouldn’t you prefer to have an OCD nurse counting the sponges?  I sure would.

But I digress.

(You ARE a digression, in case you hadn’t noticed.)

What I started to say, and got sidetracked by my own lack of succinctity, is that due to the freezing fog we have been enduring of late which has kept us all indoors more than we would like, I focused my obsessive compulsive nature [which to my mind is on lower than pathological levels], to my immediate surroundings here in my sanctum sanctorum.

(Wow. Let me count the ways that this run-on sentence annoys me. How about, “It’s inhospitable outside so I decided to rearrange things in my bedroom.”)

Where’s the fun in that? This isn’t a newspaper. Find something else to do will ya?

So, have you ever noticed how we can go through our routines at home and realize that certain little things aren’t actually where they should be? Small annoyances with electrical cords, pen holders, furniture placement, and things that are difficult to reach or to put away don’t get adjusted or moved, or eliminated from our lives altogether?

One thing that keeps me from making these changes is that once you pick up one thing to move it, something else needs to be adjusted and before you know it, your entire bedroom is out in the hallway and you have the washing machine going to wash your duvet cover and every other piece of fabric on your bed….. just because you wanted to move your dang pen holder.

(I call hyperbole.)


I disagree. It’s real. I found out, that because of the above consequences, I was putting up with quite a lot of dysfunction in my favorite spot in my home.

In the middle of this overhaul, I grabbed a table were my printer lives and tossed it in the back of the Cube and raced down to my brother to see if he would take a hack saw to it. He cut about 5 or 6 inches off the metal legs and transformed that table into a brand new thing.

I had realized that EVERY TIME I looked at it, I would think, ‘That table is too tall, I should cut it down.’ Do you realize, over time, how much of my psychic energy that table had stolen? Then add to that all the other little dysfunctions around me and you have a major problem on your hands. Oh, it’s a quiet problem. It’s not all up in your face. But it IS all up in your happy place, stealing cookies out of your cookie jar so to speak. And you KNOW how much I like my cookies over here.

Anyway, once my brother had taken care of my too tall table, I really turned up the volume on the OC, and set to with adjusting everything else in my room that was out of whack. I removed things from one table and put them on another, I put things in the closet that had been out on a shelf, and toward the end of the transformation, even went so far as to put scrapbook paper on the incredibly boring spiral bound notebook I use every day to take notes from classes in, to finding just the right paper to cover ….. you guessed it…. the old tea tin that is my pen holder. [Which now lives to my right instead of my left. A small but incredible improvement.]

Now… let me say right now, what I know about the following subject could be collected and neatly placed into a doll’s thimble:

However. I think that I have [through the back door of OCD] harmonized the Chi of my bedroom space totally by accident.

My proof?

Last night as I sat in my chair, my eyes roamed all around the room, and they didn’t stumble on one thing that looked out of place, or caused a disturbance in my mind in any way. Everything just flows. When I reached for something, it was right where I needed it. It was like being able to breathe a full deep breath.

Which is exactly what I decided to do. I spent some time in meditation while Alexa played ‘wind chimes’ from her library of sounds for me. Even SHE is in a better spot. Five inches lower than before.

We have brought balance to the Force.

And it’s MADE of awesome. :-)


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  1. Are you *sure* we’re not long lost twins? I speak as someone who just spent half an hour totally rearranging all my DVDs, when I actually went into the lounge to get a cup I’d left in there…

  2. Well, well, well… what a small world. I just went into the pantry to get a ginger ale to replace the one I pulled out of the fridge. I noticed the drinks were a bit disorganized. After straightening the rows I noticed the kitty litter needed to be cleaned. While tending to that distasteful task I noticed the laundry items were not all in one place so I cut down a cardboard box, placed the various items in the box and placed it next to the laundry soap. I was satisfied with the work I had done but then realized I had no idea why I had gone in there in the first place. Had to go back into the kitchen to jog my memory.

  3. Well, it is obvious that I am surrounded by very capable and organized OCD FRIENDS! :-)

  4. Must be something in the air….
    Although I haven’t been rearranging “my space” I have been rearranging my mind and soul.
    Same idea just a little tweaked. :)

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