What To Do With Half A Banana


We got a dusting of snow last night. Just enough to say, “Yep. It snowed alright.”

The weather people the day before were in semi-hysterics about this storm. I wonder if their data gathering equipment needs a level one diagnostic. You know, the one where Captain Picard orders it and everyone rolls their eyes and groans. Because this is twice in a row where they have been WAY off base.

However it IS cold. And no matter what you might hear from some people who are all worried about who is going to sit on a certain metal chair, Winter is HERE. Just so we are clear about that.

All this chill is keeping me indoors.

And a person has to do SOMETHING to keep from going a little batty.

So I decided to try something with a half of a banana.

(That was a VERY bad and I mean not good segue. I have mental whiplash.)

Try to keep UP ()!

Here’s my idea:


Loosely based on chocolate cake in a cup that I have made before.

Here’s the result:



Tasty. But not quite the right proportion of ingredients.

It was substantially improved by the addition of a handful of chocolate chips as an afterthought. But still, not up to snuff in texture.

I may try again because I often have the stray overripe banana on my kitchen table which is not enough for banana bread and I refuse to eat an unaltered overripe banana. Ewww…

I have never quite understood how something so repulsive can taste so divine when baked into that tasty loaf.

One of God’s mysteries.

(Is this going to turn into a foodie blog? I don’t really like foodie blogs. There’s enough foodie blogs. I don’t want to be associated with a foodie blog.)

Calm yourself (). It’s just a little overripe banana. No need to get your grammatical marks in a wad. Geeze.

Anyway, if I ever get to what I consider a good version of this idea, I’ll be sure and let you know.

(Maybe you could start some OTHER blog for that. People DO have more than one you know.)

I have enough trouble with THIS blog and its occupants thank you very much. I don’t need a whole new set of literary devices to contend with.

(Who are you calling a literary device missy????)

Time to go….  :-)