Excuses Excuses


So, one of the reasons I haven’t been around here lately is that I took a trip with my friend C. to celebrate the fact that she finished her two year degree in accounting. It was a very difficult two years because along the way she had several life altering things happen. But that didn’t stop her from graduating with an eye popping GPA.

She wanted to go to the coast. So that’s what we did.

As I was getting ready for the trip, I realized that I myself had not been anywhere at all away from home for a whole year!

We were very worried about the weather and almost cancelled our first night there because there was snow predicted on the summit between us and our destination. We DID drive in on and off downpours, especially near the end of the 200 mile drive.

But the next two days were and astonishment of perfection.

The skies were clear, the temperatures moderate and the hotel we stayed in was no more than about 100 yards from the waterline. It was glorious.

I have to confess, I did very, very little in the way of photography. I was in a “Be Here Now” sort of place.

We walked on the beach looking for rocks, as C. is in the middle of a rock painting phase right now. Many buckets were hauled off the beach and into Suzie Cube. We visited an art store and every second hand store in town. We slept like babies listening to the waves every night and I reveled in not having to get up in the morning to get Bruce going or let chickens out. We ate a full breakfast that was provided by the hotel and one night went out and brought home a pizza from a really great place in town.

It was Divine.

But pretty much… this is all I have to show you. Sorry it couldn’t be more. I was on vacation…. from everything!




Please note the weather.

A few hours after we left, the rain moved in.

We really were blessed.