Inappropriate But Typical


You know that you are a “girly girl” Farm Girl when your corduroy skirt keeps getting sucked up into the air intake of your gas powered leaf blower.


Just sayin’.


(I’ve never known anyone who is so often inappropriately dressed in all my long and pedantic years. It’s very sad.)

^It’s a nice skirt. She made it herself.^


LIttle Red Lecture

Blowing leaves is a worthy and honest bit of work and you should mind your own business about what she wears while she’s doing it. It’s more constructive than anything YOU do around here (). Go back to your bookshelf and count semicolons or something else equally as useless.

Little Miss Sunshine1

The leafs are all gone now. Can we have cookies? 

Yes. Let’s have cookies. Warm cookies. And ice cold milk. It’s starting to rain. We’ll stay inside and play now.