Grandma Derangement Syndrome


If it ever entered my mind, while observing a grandmother gushing over her grandchild, that perhaps she was a little deranged, I would now have to recant any and all judgements on her behavior. For I myself, have gone quite goofy over my grandson. Since I live over a thousand miles away, I must content myself with a weekly visit with him over Skype. He mostly ignores me right now, but I don’t care. I get to see him play and listen to him try to talk.

Once I decided to start sending him little watercolors to see if he would make the connection that they are coming from me, I have gone just a little bit obsessive about making them. I will only be sending one every week or two, but I didn’t want to be under any pressure, so I determined to paint ahead, so to speak.

Total transparency here…. none of these are my original drawings… but they are my paintings.




I just finished this one…. I think the ink is still wet!

DSC04159 (1)


I know why Grandparents are so daft now.

They get to re-live their childhood.

Little Miss Sunshine1

Kitties! Birdie! Bunny!

See what I mean?