Guilty In October


If I was being court marshaled in the justice halls of Blogdom, I could, quite understandably be charged with dereliction of duty.

I plead guilty by reason of end of season exhaustion with a side of healing ankle.

The ankle is doing really great. Though I do nothing without caution right now when I’m out and about on it.

I’ve been indoors more than I should be since it has been glorious fall weather.

But I have a few things to show for it.

A clean house for one.

And a little art for another…


I’ve been making these little paintings to send to my grandson. I show them to him on Skype and then mail them off. I’m hoping that one of these days he is going to put two and two together and realize they are coming from me.

I’ll let you know when the light bulb goes on.

I can’t wait.  :-)


lime wild