This morning there was the strangest combination of heavy clouds, smoke from the fires, and an atmosphere of doom that finally just started to give me the willies. It was so dark in the house, I turned on virtually all my lights just to make myself feel better.

I went out to the garden early and picked all the ripe tomatoes. While I was doing that, there was a big clap of thunder and a few big drops of rain fell. Then it stopped. I kept picking tomatoes, willies and all.

The power company came up the other day and wrapped our power pole with a 6 foot high wrapping of aluminum. The firefighters had stapled a yellow sign down at the end of the lane with information about how many houses are up here and what kind of vehicles could come up here safely, and whether or not there were civilians present. Since there was a big circle drawn around the people icon, evidently we are considered present and accounted for.  All this tends to make a person a little …. edgy.

I have made a bug out list of things to pack in my car in case they tell us to leave. As I was checking it over and adding a few things, I realized I didn’t have much in the way of totes or containers, so I decided to go downtown and obtain a few, just to make myself feel better. You know, more prepared. Though how anyone drives away from their house not knowing if it is going to be there when they come back, is sort of beyond my ken.

I got into the car and before I had reached the gate just past my garden, the sky opened and rain poured down! No more lightning, just rain. And lots of it!  I cried all the way to the store. Bought my supplies. And cried all the way home in joy.

(You cry a lot. It seems to be a THING.)

I know.

Shut up.

The rainstorm moved right over the fire up above us. In fact this whole end of the valley got a nice soaking.

Now I’m sure it didn’t put the fire OUT by any means. But any lull in bad conditions helps the firefighters. It has stayed cool and calm and cloudy all day long. This is SUCH a blessing. I haven’t heard the latest reports, but I’m hoping that this will be the turning point in getting our fire under control.

For the first day in weeks, I have all my doors and windows open. What a luxury!

This afternoon I celebrated….


Some Debbi Hron rip offs… maybe someday I’ll draw my own things. For now I’m a copy cat. But I learn things every time I dip a brush in water.


C. keeps taunting me to splatter paint on my finished paintings. I humor her once in a while, even though it makes me half crazy to do it. What if I goof up???



DSC04017 (1)

It’s been a good day. A wonderful day. A day full of blessings.

Even though it started out kinda wonky…  :-)

We ended up with fresh cool air and more hens.

We can never have enough hens…. right?

(Don’t tempt me like that. You know I can’t resist a set up like that!)

Yes you can.



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