Smoke Gets In Your Lungs


Been trying to keep my mind off the wildfires.

It’s tough going.

On Sunday I tried to escape breathing the unrelenting terrible air by driving up to a lake that is 3200 feet higher in elevation than where we are.

This is what I found there:

DSC03990 (1)

Here ya go… the shortest verse in the Wild Domestic Chronicles….

“And Cupcake wept.”


I stood there and cried.

I turned around and drove back down the road in solemn dejection.  On the way, I spotted some flowers I had missed on the drive up. I stopped and took a few pictures.

DSC03996 (1)

Does anyone know that these are? I have seen a LOT of wildflowers in my travels in the mountains, but this was a new one to me. Look at this amazing patterns in the petal! I think the beetle was also amazed. See the look on his face?

(Are you insane? Of course not. You need a better camera for that.)

You have no imagination whatsoever.

Here. I’ll show you some things you can identify easily.


Testing out some of my new paints on my good watercolor paper.

Liking the results:

DSC03989 (1)

Oh, and I wanted you to see what the Creeping Jenny is up to in its new home in the apple juice bottle…


Poking her little head out to have a look around….


The outdoors is hostile.

But we have a few joyous things in here. Thank goodness. Otherwise I might really start to feel sorry for myself that I cannot be outside enjoying one of my favorite times of the year.

Praying for rain….