Today It’s All About The Wood


Last week, I took delivery of two cords of wood.

This my friends is what ONE cord of wood looks like:


Nice well seasoned, clean burning fir.

The other one is in a similar jumble down in the barn awaiting my attention.

I had them dump this load up here because last winter as some of you recall, I got in a bit of a pickle because during the extended aftermath of our huge snowfall, my back porch woodshed ended up virtually empty because it was so hard to get wood up from the barn:

Well, because I occasionally have a few brain cells functioning, this year I decided I would keep a ‘snow supply’ of wood up here by the house that I will only use if I can’t easily haul loads from the barn.

Ergo, I have started this:


After this picture was taken, I stacked quite a bit more until that right end collapsed and headed for the bottom of the ice pond. I had to rethink my wood stacking physics. I went down to the barn and brought up an old piece of plywood to hold the wobbly end in place.

I could only work out there for about an hour. The air is fairly acceptable this morning as far as smoke from the wildfires. But when I started coughing…. and sweating…. I called it done for the day. I figure at this rate, it’s going to take me four more days. I’ll make my big pile, [I’m hoping for a sort of square block of stacked wood] and then with whatever is left, I’ll fill the woodshed.

While I was out there taking pictures I thought I would show you my new gutter on the shed.

(Oh gawd, please don’t. It’s humiliating. It’s funky. In the words your mother would use… it’s ‘jakey’.)

Okay, how about this… ( ) in no way had anything to do with the following bit of construction.

(Good. As long as I am disassociated with it, you can show it if you want. You don’t have any proper sense of shame anyway, so no loss. I however still have some dignity left and I would like to keep it intact.)

As you wish.

Having rain plop down your neck on a cold winter day while you are trying to get some wood to keep Bruce going so you don’t freeze to death is really adding insult to injury. So I used what I had on hand, which was some metal fascia leftover from the chicken coop construction, a bit of plastic pipe cut in half,  and using zip ties and duct tape and a little silicon sealer made myself a farm girl no budget rain gutter.

(I think you mean ‘red neck’ rain gutter.)

I prefer farm girl thank you very much.

(As you wish.)


I even nailed the fascia properly to the framing under the roof. So though it doesn’t look like it, it’s actually quite sturdy.

I tested it with the garden hose the other day too. It works just dandy.

(It looks like homemade sin.)

Yeah. But it was cheap!

I’d rather spend my money on good watercolor paints. A girl has to have her priorities! Besides I rather like the challenge of making do with what you’ve got. It’s very satisfying.

^One might even call it noble.^

See? Circumflex agrees with me!

(Then she’s delusional. No wonder you two get along so well.)

ANYWAY… no matter how it got done, I won’t have icy water dripping down my neck this winter. And I’ll have saved enough money for at least two tubes of watercolor paint.

I’m having a particularly intense desire for this one at the moment…


or… how about this?  !!


(How did we get from you getting all sweaty stacking wood and atrocious construction practices…to this girly pink paint?)

Dude, it’s that magic of being a farm girl. Don’t question the magic.

^Well said.^