Blue Magic


My little Creeping Jenny plants have grown sufficient root systems that I thought it was time to plant them. I decided to get the same kind of apple juice bottle that my gifted plant is growing in that C. gave me a few years ago.

Here’s the before picture:


I have put in the charcoal and the potting soil and water into the bottle and am letting it all settle and hydrate fully before I plant my rooted cuttings. I’ll take a picture later on when it’s all tucked up inside.


There’s a new antique/collectable shop that just opened in our little town and my sister-in-law and I decided to go down there and see what we could find this morning.

Turns out, I found something extraordinary.

I hesitated buying it because for the last two months I have been in a serious purge cycle around here, so I’m pretty sensitive about bringing in more stuff. And I didn’t actually allow myself to buy this object until I committed to swapping out something that I am not as fond of as this wonder…..

Say hello to The Big Blue Bowl…




And what’s funny is when the owner wrote out the receipt, that’s exactly what she called it… the Big Blue Bowl

Though it is just beautiful to look at, I don’t think that is its only claim to fame.

I have a feeling it’s a magic bowl.

(Gawd. You have such a bad habit of giving more meaning to things than they deserve.)

Yes. I do.

But this time it’s for real.

Look what happens when you put something in it and snap a photo….


I don’t care who you are, that’s magic right there…..

(Ummm…. er…. well…. you may have a point this time. That does look rather magical.)

I am satisfied.

For once, () agrees with me on something. Yay!

^He’d be a fool not to. That is obviously as fine of an example of a magic bowl as I have ever seen.^

Who are you?

^They sent me here to help you out. The Punctuation High Court took note of your overly acerbic pair of parenthesis, and decided you needed an advocate. I’m it. Circumflex at your service. ^

Well hale and hello. Welcome aboard. I could certainly use some help around here.

^ :-)^


(Why wasn’t I informed of this decision?)

^Everyone needs a little of the unexpected in life. This is your lucky day!^

(Oh Lord.)

^Yes, (), a few well placed prayers is exactly what you are going to be needing.^

This is going to be fun!


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