Corn Under Difficult Circumstances


Today, I braved the smokey morning air and went down to the garden to harvest my indian corn.

This year’s harvest is not as impressive due to a couple of factors.

One, I didn’t thin my plants out quite aggressively enough, so they were growing a bit too close and didn’t have the chance to develop good full sized ears. AND I noticed that the tasseling and pollen drop were just a little out of sync this year, so some of the ears didn’t get the amount of pollen they needed at the right time. But still… there’s a goodly amount considering the small patch that I planted.


They never cease to amaze, even when they’ve had a difficult year…


I’ve decided this is as close to rubies as I’m going to get in this lifetime….


Kinda takes your breath away.

I also stacked some more wood and as I had to walk by it several times, I finally stopped and took a good look at the little area by my back porch in discouraged dismay.


I painted my back door and threshold a few weeks ago, which is very nice, but now it just makes this area look worse. I have lived in this house for coming up on five years. I have tried to grow many different things in this spot. Nothing has EVER thrived here…. thriven? throved ?  [I’ve always wondered about that word….] Not one thing. Not even weeds like this place.

I have decided to dismantle it totally. I’ll relocate the iris and the lavender to more likely spots.

Not exactly sure what’s going to happen, but it won’t involve many plantings, and might have something to do with rocks.

I’m waiting for inspiration. Because by golly, I want to do something a little more pleasing to the eye here. I think I need to troll Pinterest and look at some ideas. Wish me luck.