Paying Attention


It’s raining again today. But I cannot complain. I don’t think I have ever seen such a lush green Spring as this one.

One small stand of Iris were the first to show their blooms, the rest of the ones in the yard are still only in bud. It’s one of only a few flowers that the deer leave alone, so I am planting them all over the place.

DSC02995 (1)


DSC02998 (1)

I walked over to the little meadow across the ice pond to see if the Baby Blue Eyes were blooming yet. Alas, no. But they are growing. I had to look harder for anything else that was in bloom.

Very hard.


Wee little, tee-niney … I don’t know what this is.

It had neighbors:


Modest and easy to miss, but rewarding for those who look closely.

Those are the particulars.

Here is the broader view…. This glorious display only lasted a few moments yesterday morning. I ran outside in my nightgown to capture it.


If you tilt your head just right, and don’t mind going outdoors inadequately clothed…. from time to time around here you might think you were in the Garden of Eden.









  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    That is a glorious sunrise! Worth going out naked, if you have to. 😉

    You’re welcome, Pete! haha

  2. cheryl f says:

    Absolutely Lovely. The benefits of living in the wild, you can go outside in your nightgown and no one will care.

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