They Call Me Miss Tawanda


Today I rocked the garden.

There is a rain storm coming.

(So what’s new about that?)

Well, this morning the soil in the garden was as perfect as one could ask to do tilling. In a day or two, with rain, it would be too sodden to even think about it. So I put on my Farm Girl corduroys ….

(Does anyone WEAR corduroy these days? Aren’t you a bit out of style there Cupcake?)

My dear punctuation, I have been out of style ever since I started choosing my own clothes. I have come to accept this about myself. You cannot shame me about it. Mission impossible.

Anyway… I went out early this morning hoping to just get one section of the garden tilled because I THINK this is where I want to start planting some fava beans and maybe peas… I’m not sure.


But once I got the tiller started… all by myself!…. I figured, what the heck, let’s knock this thing out now.

So I kept going until 90% of it is tilled. I will probably do some of it again before Spring is over, but the main thing about this till is that I have knocked out all the weeds that were growing, so I’m ahead of that curve which makes me feel almost giddy with delight!

I also dismantled the chicken poop compost pile and spread the old stuff on two of the raised beds. Now I’m ready to add to the compost. I have a pile of weeds that I picked up ready to layer with poop board gleanings as the weeks go on.

(How can anyone be so excited about chicken poop, I will never know.)

Anyway, I am so smug right now, I’m pretty much unbearable.

Lucky for you, you only have to read about it and not listen to me whoop and holler. :-) Which actually happened a couple of times during this job. It was cool, it was cloudy, there was no wind, it was perfect weather for me to do this job.

(What about me? What am I supposed to do while you are gloating vociferously?)

Ooo, we’re using our big words today, are we?

(Just keep it to a dull roar will you? My nerves are frayed after a prolonged bout of cabin fever. I’m in a delicate condition.)

Well, take a look at this! :


And this!


And this!



(I need aspirin. And maybe whiskey.)


Not me. I’m on a gardener’s high.

Let it rain.

I’m ready.


It just started raining!

(OMG. There will be NO living with her now….)


lime wild






  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Whoa! You ROCKED it!

  2. Mamallama says:

    Holy begeebers, SIL!!!
    YOU did ROCK it!
    Good for you.
    Nicely done. <3

  3. cheryl f says:

    WOW, very impressive!!!

  4. FutureCat says:

    Wow, amazing work!

    I love the colour of the soil – it’s a totally different shade of brown to the soil here.

  5. Teresa Auldridge says:

    That is one gorgeous garden plot! I agree that the soil color looks warm and inviting for the seeds that have the privilege of being deposited there :) . Enjoy!

    P.S. Is the white chair in the small enclosure where you sit to watch your garden grow?!?!

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