Hey, Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha Got Cookin’?


Today I cooked up my little harvest of dry beans that I grew in my garden last year. This is the variety:


I hovered over them all afternoon, as it was a small pot, and I had to keep adding water.

I was rewarded for my diligence.

Hidatsa beans


They are big fat beans. Plump and yummy.

They are absolutely delicious.

Creamy, mild flavored and utterly delightful.

I wish I had more.

I have enough to make one more meal of them. I may make biscuits to go with the second bowlful. Biscuits and honey. Yes. That’s what I’ll do.

It’s raining tonight. It’s making a wonderful sound just outside my window. A sound that harmonizes nicely with my prayer of thanks to God.


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  1. Nice lookin’ beans you’ve got there.
    Bet they did taste yummy.
    Biscuits? Did I hear someone biscuits?

  2. Linda Cannon says:

    I agree on the *drool* Biscuits, Love good biscuits, I personally make hockey pucks when I make them.
    Rain, Yay for rain our parched earth needs it, the fishies need it. Our souls need the sound of rain on the roof.

  3. Ok, so I know intellectually that when an American says biscuits you mean something approximating what I’d call scones. I’ve even eaten American biscuits. I *know* that what we call biscuits you call cookies. But still, whenever I hear you say you’re having biscuits with your dinner I can’t help imagining they’re chocolate chip… :-)

  4. Cheryl Taylor says:

    That looks good!

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