Wildlife Report

My wad of kleenex and I made our way slowly down to the creek yesterday and chose the other side this time for observations.

I could get a better look at what I can only assume is interference by the local park management of Mr. Beaver’s home improvement project.

It seems that even if you are a lowly Beaver, you cannot escape the government meddling in your affairs.

His house looks just the same, though the ditch next to it is wider and longer. I noticed he has drug two sticks over to that spot. Seems like a better place to make the house since that looks like a well thought out entrance.

I wonder if he and Mrs. Beaver are having a design dispute.

But just to show the park management who’s boss, looks like he has been spending a lot more time on his second dam just down the stream….

I figure this is the new rebel base. And judging by the size of the teeth marks on the surrounding trees, I don’t think I would like to have any confrontations with the rebel leader.

On the way back to civilization, I was walking along the sidewalk and heard a soft cooing noise. I stopped and listened carefully.

A small group of doves was in the old broken down peach tree,[which actually had a few peaches on it this year by the way], taking an afternoon snooze.

I counted six, and a possible seventh, which I could be talked out of, but still think I see.

What’s your opinion?