Small Victories

In the due course of time, things eventually do get finished around here. Perhaps not at the pace that one was used to in their twenties and thirties what what?

But they do get done.

And I might add, there is a certain depth of fulfillment that may have been lacking back then. Or perhaps it was just that when moving so quickly from one thing to the next, one didn’t have time to stop and really settle in with the satisfaction of what has been accomplished.

I’m learning that skill these days.

So victories, even small ones are getting a bigger portion of my attention.

I made a little experimental bag.

I think it has potential….

Here’s a more atmospheric shot of it in a damp flower pot..

Everything is damp outside today, and I’m grateful for it. Though the dampness is keeping me from raking leaves until this afternoon. But that’s fine, it will be warmer then too.

I’m trying not to flit from one thing to another today. I’m trying to settle down and be with what I’m doing at the moment. It’s surprisingly difficult some days. But today… it’s my little project.

Focus. Pay attention. Breathe.