I have been knitting in a bit of a manic way the last few days. Don’t tell anyone will ya? I don’t want to add to the list that () is keeping, just waiting for enough alarming reasons to call in the professionals.

There are some times when the ideas for ‘things to try’ gets so top heavy that it falls over on me and I end up with several things on the needles at once and can’t resist stoping in the middle of a row and casting on some little thing that ‘will only take an hour or so’ to complete.

I was GOING to make a scarf using the pattern that my daughter in law used, and even printed it out, got help from a friend with some errors that were in it. But when I really took another hard look, realized it was just over my head. I didn’t GET it.

So I found something of a similar construction, but in a way easier stitch pattern. It is knit from end to end instead of side to side so I could include my favorite feature of the scarf she made…

The fringes…

The wormy little fringes.

The adorable squiggly do-dads.

I just love ‘em.


I’m loving the colors of this yarn. They just make me feel happy to look at them all snuggled up together, changing in a random kind of way.


The other night, when I was taking a break from knitting, I decided it was high time I got out my watercolors and worked on some little paintings.

I can say with complete confidence that I turned out two really awful attempts that are now resting, or should I say hiding in the waste basket.

Crash and burn doesn’t cover it.

They were bad.

Very bad.

I’m now having a little crisis on my hands.

We artistic types are so fragile sometimes. . .

But the one thing I have going for me, even if I might not have the biggest measure of talent or self confidence, is stubbornness.

I’m stubborn as a mule.

I’m not going to let a few messed up brush strokes and color choices deter me from playing with paint.

And I’ll get to it.

Right after I wrangle these balls of yarn. All of which are up in the air.

So excuse me while I go knit a few rows….

(Gladly. Anything to get you to shut up.)