Facing Fears

I was promised rain. Rain was in the lineup. Rain was in the forecast. I saw rain clouds on the satellite pictures. We need some rain. I want some rain.

As of this morning, the promised rain has disappeared from the weather pages.

I am very put out.

But even with my sharp disappointment in the weather, I was not wholly bereft of contentments in the wooly department.

I finished the big brown bag. It is made from bulky yarns and it took two days to dry, but at last it is complete.

We loves it we do.

I’m working on a scarf for a friend which I will not show you due to keeping the surprise a, surprise. But I will show you what I WANT to make next.

My daughter in law M. knitted me a scarf some time ago that I wear over a cotton cap I have that is dark olive green. The scarf is a marvel. Every time I wear it, people compliment it. I wanted to make one just like it in a different color to wear with a blue cap I have.

She sent me the link to the pattern.

I fear the pattern.

With a gut level, cold sweat fear.

But I love the scarf. I’m in awe that she made it. This increases my fear. Even though the pattern freaks me out, I can see right before my eyes that it CAN be done. When I read the pattern, I weep. There are two errors in it that she pointed out, and I know how to correct them now, but I am all kinds of freaked out by those words on that page.

I think I may enlist the help of my genius knitting friends to help me make sure my corrections are….. correct. Then I have decided to put blinders on just like a fidgety horse and worry about one row… nay, one stitch at a time and see if I can conquer my pattern fear.

Don’t you just love the fringe on it???

You cast on extra stitches and then bind them right off to get that great squiggly thingy.

Not to mention the nice pattern in the scarf…

We shall see if I have the knitting ‘fibers’ to complete this project.

I think I will need chocolate fortification on hand for difficult moments.

I shall have to venture forth and procure a special stash of the magic cocoa concoction to have on hand for any knitting crisis that may occur.

Allrightythen. Off to work on the OTHER scarf…