I’ve been toiling away on a rather large knitted bag these last few days. I decided to make a heftier one to use up some bulky yarn I had in the stash.

I have this crazy idea.

I want to reduce my yarn stash to one plastic storage container.

Then, when I want to do a project I can go to the ULTIMATE stash that is my local yarn shop and find the best yarn for the job instead of rummaging through what I have on hand and ‘making do’.

Now, ‘making do’ has a long and glorious tradition. I’m not knocking it. In fact I admire it. But I think I am limiting some areas of my imaginative faculties by knitting things up from what’s on hand rather than what I see in my head.

(I’m afraid to look at what you see in your head. That must be one scary place… beware!)

It’s a good thing that the New World has already been discovered, because if it was up to you, we would still be living in some caves in France or something.

What a weenie.

(Well, YOU are the one who is afraid of your yarn stash, not me.)

I’m not AFRAID of it. I just feel burdened by it sometimes.

(Whatever. This whole conversation is ridiculous anyway.)

Fine, then stay out of it.

Anyhoo , I’ve used up four big hunks of yarn from the inventory and am just working the last few rows before I can throw it in the washer and see what happens.

Things are a little different around here today.

Hub Man has jury duty and was here for oatmeal this morning, at o’dark thirty. He left with his jury pool waiting room reading under his arm. “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”.



(You know, I’ve never actually mentioned it, but just between you and me, that dude is weird.)

That’s why we make a good pair.

(Well, there’s that.)

So, I’m off to start my day by taking a walk with my new little friend…

I’m all kinds of happy about it too…

Who would think you could carry around so much music on such a little thing?

My inner, highly conflicted Luddite can’t help but admire it…

Me either.

(You know the burning question is… when she says ‘me’ who the heck is she referring to?….really?)


What is that punctuation talking about?

I have no idea.

Who let the short people and chickens in here?

Beats me.

I think they’re all crazy.

Me too.