Chill or Cozy?

Even though my refrigerator contains some tasty leftovers, the north wind that is blowing outside today is urging me to simmer a pot of soup on the stove and add to the crowded shelves.

I got acquainted with said north wind this morning by taking a long walk inspired by the handy pedometer function on my iPod Nano. I have taken two different walks around my neighborhood over the last few days to find out what the distances are.

Today’s walk was 2.35 miles! Far out! The walk I usually go on is more like 1.4 miles.

The little thing is pretty easy to use. You push ‘start’ when you leave the house and then ‘stop’ when you get home. Even I can figure that out. I used to have a pedometer that seemed to require me to perform some variety of algebra in order for it to work properly.

This little thing is pretty slick. Not to mention that I got to listen to an interesting lecture while hoofing it in the chilly wind. A wind which by the way was cool enough to make my nose run. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t remember to take a hankie with me on walks in cool weather….

I knitted a Nano cozy yesterday….

I need to sew a snap on the top of it and attach a cord to put it around my neck, but I haven’t decided what kind to use yet. It’s in the planning phases. It’s even possible that there will be more than one cozy.

(Like you need an excuse to knit…)

Like you need an excuse to snark.

(Good point.)

Don’t I know it.

I want a Nano too.
But I want a pink one.
I don’t like orange.
I like pink.

Well, they DO come in pink.

But you can’t have another one.

Here, you can play with this….

(You are gonna spoil that kid….)

Maybe we can find a Nano for you in grouch puce.

But you are gonna pay for it. And don’t let me catch you borrowing any more egg money from Red, you hear me?

(No, the cacophony of this frivolous blog entry is deafening.)