Lighten The Load

I have been bitten by the Clean Sweep bug again.

Perhaps it has to do with watching a few too many episodes of ‘Hoarders’ on television, or the changing weather, or a certain feeling of brain clutter that I *think* will be ameliorated by getting rid of physical clutter, or that I have been spending too much time on ‘Pinterest’* looking at tiny houses like this:

*I will not be held responsible for what happens to you if you actually VISIT the ‘Pinterest’ website.

Teeny Tiny Houses


I’ve been clearing out. . .things.

Lots of things. Papers, old moldy mementos that really don’t mean much to anyone but me and I decided that I don’t really NEED to have the lesson plans I made once for a short calligraphy class I gave to some high school students in 1986, or the Dick and Jane books that I just thought I HAD to have at one point about 10 years ago.

Here’s the pile I amassed from just ONE corner of my computer/craft room….

That’s just nuts.

And it doesn’t include the overflowing waste basket out of camera range.

In contemplating what it would be like to live in a tiny house, it made me wonder just which of my possessions matter. What things would I REALLY want around me? And I concluded that Dick and Jane books just wouldn’t make the cut you see. So they and that box full of stuff are going to Goodwill, where someone else will I am sure be happy to find them.

And what is really scary about this pile of stuff is that this represents the SECOND wave of purging from that very corner. I did this same thing about 4 months ago!

In the foreseeable future, any item that makes it into my shopping cart is going to have to turn state’s evidence in order to convince me that it deserves to take up space in the teeny tiny house in my head.

(I think you mean the teeny tiny brain in your teeny tiny head, don’t you?)

Taking a good look ……

Just how many square feet of space are YOU taking up there, ( ) ? I think it might be better utilized by a couple of tubs of wool.

(I think I hear Little Red calling… she wanted help moving one of her roosts in the hen house. I’ll just scoot on out there right now…)

Good idea.