A Surprise At The Pond

No rain today, so I decided to ride my bike out to the pond and see what it was looking like with some new water to feed it.

Pretty good it seems.

It hasn’t gotten high enough to start dumping water into the creek yet, but a few more rain storms and it will…

As I toodled along the dirt road, I noticed something odd up ahead.

Something I suspected was living there, but had never actually seen for myself.

Only bubbles in the water were my clue.

But there he was….

caught in the act of crossing the road.

How big is he you ask?

Oh, about this big…


Yeah, me too!

One thing nice about photographing turtles is they will pose for a nice close up.

Though I am sure he was NOT all that HAPPY about doing it, his survival instinct made him stay put.

I’m ashamed to say, I took advantage of it.

I could not resist hefting him up to get an idea of his weight. I’m guessing 3 pounds, give or take.

I went on my way with my bike and when I came back a few minutes later, he had put in in high gear and escaped into the water.

I certainly have better luck getting pictures of turtles compared to the ever elusive Mr. Beaver.

I may have to go down to the other pond and see what’s shakin’ in his neighborhood one of these days soon.