Bulletin From The Ward

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

I have the most chaotic, disconnected, frazzled and whacked out list of things to do this week that it isn’t even….

Wait a minute.

It’s fantastic blogfodder, that’s what it is!

(Your cheerful Pollyanna side can be quite grating of a Monday morning, you know that?)

Well, they don’t call me…

Little Miss Sunshine for nothing now do they?

(Who is They?)

Why everyone who really matters, that’s who!

(Who inflated your Ego over the weekend?)


I did it all by myself!

(I need an aspirin.)

As I was saying, I have a whacky week this week. There is no theme. There’s no general goal, there is no rhyme or reason. There is only chaos. But I hope to insert some elements of order before it’s all over. Though I can tell by the schedule that my insertions will be made higgledy piggledy so to speak.

(That is NOT speaking. That is gibberish.)

Pardon me, ( ) but you are grossly mistaken. ‘Higgledy piggledy’ is a double dactyl, which is a term used in formal English poetry to describe a trisyllablibic metric foot…

(OMG. Someone pass me the Vicodin.)

Sheesh! How come you are so fragile today?

(I think I have a vitamin deficiency of some sort.)

You probably need to take a few grams of SfH.

(What the heck is that?)

Sense of Humor.

(I will not dignify that remark with a reply.)

Too late!

So just to give you an idea of what kind of week this will be…

I mean a sort of representative example…

A symbol.

The flagship of Chaos.

The mascot of the week.

The icon of the ‘Farewell to August’ days…

Guess what I’m going to do?

(Belay my last two orders. Let’s just go right to the Morphine okay?)


What’s wrong with red?
I vote for red.
Do you have something
against red?


Not a word from you.

No, I will NOT dye them pink.

It’s purple or nothing.

Purple to ward off chaos.

Though if it were available, I could be talked into a nice peacock blue…

(I want my mommy.)