Purge And Paint

We are hanging in there in the dog days of summer right now. It is not oppressively hot, but hot enough to keep us happier indoors than out at three in the afternoon. The evenings are turning out to be the best time of day. Yesterday I rode my bike out to the edge of the housing development to gaze at the place where the sun made its exit. I waited quite a while to go out and by the time I got home it was almost dark. The days ARE getting shorter.

I have been doing some more organizing and tossing from my closet. The incredible lightness of being that follows a bout of purging possessions is fantastic. It’s like I’m seeking out the truly useful [to me] things, and passing on the marginal ones that someone else might find are exactly what they are looking for.

Win, win!

Today, I’m making vegetable soup. And even though it is a fruit, I’ll put some tomatoes in there. I need to go out and pick some fresh basil to season it with.

Summer does have its good points…

The other day I went to Michael’s because they were having a store wide clearance sale and I found this really great little compact watercolor set with high quality solid paints in it. I love the colors they chose and played with them all afternoon and evening.

I have added some new watercolors to the market as some have been removed, so if you are interested, here’s the information…