Completion With a Side of Corn

The fence builders are still working on the other side of our neighbor’s yard today, but this morning, they finished our side of the fence. It’s beautiful. Made of stronger wood and about four inches or so taller than the old fence.

I’m so pleased with it!

I swept up the construction debris and hosed down the sidewalk. I am loath to put anything back just yet. I’m enjoying the stark beauty of the side yard at the moment.

The workers got their Snickerdoodles yesterday and the tomato soup is finished. I’m spending the afternoon fooling around with watercolors and re-organizing my yarn stash. [Not at the same time….] I just can’t seem to get it in the order I want it. I end up pawing through all the containers when I am making a project. I’m trying hard to figure out how to avoid that. It’s annoying. And messes up the yarn too.

I have picked two ears of corn to have with my tomato soup.

Ruby Queen, in case you were wondering. New to me. I’ll let you know how they are. My whole dinner will be from the garden tonight.

I feel blessed.