Hens In The Hinterlands

Dory and Abigail came along today on a road trip.

Destination: a knitting friend’s open house at her new place up in the hinterlands not TOO far from here.

The roads were narrow and winding, but we managed to keep down our breakfast.

Here are the party girls anticipating lunch…

Here is a little housewarming present I took for the hostess.

I’m putting her on here for posterity. I adore her so…

She fit right in, because in the back yard there were some of her kin.

As a special treat, I came home with a half dozen lovely fresh backyard hen eggs. There’s something perfectly wonderful about having met the source of your eggs in person. I even fed the flock two bowls full of leftover lettuce leaves, strawberry tops and other kitchen delicacies. We shared a moment don’t you see…

I want to make something outstanding with those eggs.

Though, it may not sound exotic, I’m leaning toward a perfectly soft boiled egg. In my case, this means the egg cooked about a five minutes in boiling water, served over homemade bread.

I’ll have to get on that bread making part tomorrow.

You know it’s been a good day when you have had an intimate conversation with a flock of hens.

Especially when they aren’t all up in your business about your housekeeping skills.

PS Thank you S for a special day….