I’m trying really hard to not jump in the car and go over to the doctor’s office and make them take me early. It feels like a big milestone and I want to get to it and then head off in new directions. . . One gets the vision of a milestone on a country lane in Scotland. ‘I’m on me way to Aberdeen’…on foot!

Walking in new directions.

I’ll never take walking for granted again.

This I know.

But I have to wait another hour before I can get on the road, so I’m tinkering around in the house trying to keep my mind off the whole waiting thing. I hate waiting.

(Don’t we all?)

I suppose so.

I admit to being a little embarrassed that I am going to put more pictures of watercolors on here today. .. Yesterday I had to rest my hands from knitting, which I have been doing a lot of lately, but I still wanted to create something, so last night, out came the watercolors and I goofed around.

Here’s the goofing:

Art really is therapeutic.

(Lord knows you could use all the therapy you can get.)

I cannot disagree.

Though I still can’t leave for the doctor’s office for another 45 minutes.

(Perhaps you could take up whittling?)