Flights of Fancy

The polite phrase for what is happening to me would be, ‘concerted effort’.

The slightly scarier description might be ‘obsession’.

The naked truth?

I’m on a bird jag.

I’m jonesing for watercolor birdie icons.

Lucky for me, watercolors are cheap eh?

(Lucky for you, that you aren’t doing art therapy in an asylum by now)

Well, there’s that too…

There’s always one that stands out as a favorite, even though it may not be as polished or graceful than the others. I can’t explain it. Here it is:

Birds in a row:

I’m not done yet. I see a bird migration in my future…. the flock is not yet complete.


The dogs and I are holed up in the house trying to escape the blast furnace outside.

I planted four more tomato plants yesterday after the sun had gone down. I wanted some tomato insurance. In this heat, blossom drop is becoming epidemic. I’m very cranky about it too.
I decided I would just keep planting tomatoes until October or something, hoping to get a crop one way or the other.

That’s the spirit!