Petits Bébés


Lydia and her brood are doing very well.

Though I couldn’t vouch for them if they didn’t have a safe place away from the head hen.

I don’t know where she REALLY stands on the issue of the increase in flock numbers.

I also don’t care to find out any time soon.

She isn’t obsessed with the chicks, but she keeps an eye on them through the glass…

chicks day6d


I put some sprouted wheat out for them just now, but even though it’s one of Lydia’s favorite treats, she is leaving it alone for now as it’s a bit big for the chicks.

This little yellow bit is the hardest one to get a picture of. She’s FAST!

chicks day6e


These are Brahma chickens and they have feathers on their legs. Right from the get go.


They are so cute when they get a drink of water.. putting their little beaks in the air to let it slide down their throat…


chicks day6b


And already, they are growing their first real feathers… !!!


chicks day6c


When I went out there to feed them and maybe get some pictures, I found it VERY difficult. All of them are in constant motion. I took 26 photos in a matter of a few minutes just trying to get some descent shots.

Then I backed away as far as I could and used my limited telephoto function.

Here’s the first hatched chick posing like a supermodel….   :-)

Chicks day 6a


As they say in Minnesota: Awww, that’s fer cute!