Lakeside Balances


A partial assortment of our extended family made a trip to a high mountain lake yesterday. It’s unusual because you can drive right to it. No hiking involved. When we were children, it was possible to drive there, but it was very rustic and there were no services of any kind. Now it’s very developed with sidewalks and camping sites. A very popular place.

All I could think about was balancing stones there.

Turns out that not all rocks are created equal when it comes to balancing.

These were very challenging rocks to work with.

And no offense to the rocks, but they didn’t really ‘speak’ to me either.

But I did what I could….


I wasn’t used to having people around while balancing. That was weird. But no one bothered me or said anything, so that was cool.



I’m glad the water was nearby.



That bottom rock was about the size of a basketball. It was the heaviest rock for its size I have ever tried to move around. It was astonishing. Maybe it was made of kryptonite….



This was not native rock to the area, it was brought in for some reason and was near the sidewalk.

It wasn’t all balancing…there were other sights to see…



On the far side of the lake there is a swampy seep that is covered with these Pitcher Plants. They look like something straight out of War of the Worlds don’t they?  They are insect eaters. Sorta fits eh?



This bald eagle was keeping an eye on things. I tried to get closer for a picture, but he was wary and flew off… Sorry for the poor shot.

My niece was there and wanted to balance rocks too…

This is her first balance:



I think she has the touch. Don’t you?