Seven Weeks With A Side Of Mouse


Today the chicks are seven weeks old.

Last night when I went out to close up the coop, Lydia and the brood were trying to settle down in the nest box. There was a squabble going on about who was going to get the prime spot underneath her.  They changed places about three times while I was buttoning things up on the coop.

This morning, everyone was up on the roost. I guess Lydia had gotten her fill of the fighting. :-)

I can just hear it…

“If you three don’t settle down, we’re going to the roost for the night!”

It’s just as well, it’s healthier for them to be up there. I was having to clean out the nest box every day because the chicks don’t know they aren’t supposed to ‘foul the nest’.  Lydia never went in there, she would make sure she waited till morning. I’m hoping they decide to go on the roost every night now. I’ll try to get a picture of them.

In any case, here they are… as of a few minutes ago…







Still as active and hard to photograph as ever.




So, this morning as I was walking into the kitchen I was confronted by an unusual sight.

There, bold as you please, sitting in front of the cookstove was a little gray mouse.

The first one I have ever seen in this house.

He seemed pretty calm considering that Sunny walked right over and stuck her nose right on him.  Sunny was a bit flummoxed too, that he didn’t run for cover, so she gently nudged him with her paw.

He didn’t budge.

My first thought was that the poor thing must be starved to the point of death, because there’s nothing in the way of food that he can get to in my kitchen.

I put a bowl over him and slid a bit of cardboard under it and took him outside and popped him in a box till I could decide what to do with him.



This is your warning…


Don’t look.


Mouse picture coming….




After rejecting several ideas, I decided to put him in the big burn pile of branches out in the front yard.

When I put him there, he pretty much didn’t move.

I don’t know what his problem is, but it seems he is not long for this world.

Maybe he’s an old mouse and this is his time.



It’s pretty damp on the burn pile. It rained all day yesterday, and all night long. Glorious.

That’s the state of the world today on the homestead.

Growing chicks and geriatric mice.

The circle of life.