Suzie Got A New Pair Of Shoes


The other evening I had to run a little errand into town, and since I had been cooped up most of the day because of inclement weather, I decided to take Suzie Cube out for a sightseeing tour. She just got a new set of tires the other day and we are breaking them in. This was her royal blueness earlier this Spring on another drive.


What a sweet ride…. :-)

But now, the trees are leafed out, the fields are green and the drought is OVER.


Can you even IMAGINE being midriff deep in your food? Waist high in mac and cheese? Belly button deep in Hershey’s chocolate? Well, this cow could tell you all about it.


On an almost barren and rocky hillside I drove up to a splash of color that I had to stop and photograph…


Wish I could tell you what these are, but alas I have no idea. All I know is they were putting on quite a show.



This was the view looking right across the road from the astonishing yellow flowers:


I love where I live. It’s beautiful in ways that surprise me every day.

I had stopped on a bridge to take this picture of the river…


and a car came slowly up to where I was very rudely stopped in the middle of the bridge. [There’s not much traffic around here…] and the people stopped and we chatted a while. It was an older couple out doing exactly what Suzie and I were up to. They saw me taking the photo and invited me to come to their place not far from this spot. They said that in the fall, bald eagles come to their property by the river and catch salmon in the shallows.

They said they never take all this beauty for granted. It never gets old or fades into the background. I told them that this place nurtures me. And that’s the truth of the matter.

Even though I wasn’t born here, I have become like a native tree, watered by the streams and the river, belly deep in food for my soul.

This is my home.

My true home.

lime wild