In Otter News….


Not long ago, it was my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I wasn’t sure what to get for her this year. But lucky for me, she let slip in a conversation that her favorite animal was the otter, and that she had recently seen her first one in the wild in a small creek near where she works.

Well, I went on a search for otters on the Googleplex Image Repository and got out my watercolors.

I ended up making three of them. But I only got photos of these two…


I plead guilty to crass and blatant copying of someone else’s art. But the painting part, is all mine.




I had no end of fun with these. Thanks for the inspiration T. !

It was difficult to wait till after she had received them in the mail to share them. THEN dear diary was out of commission and the delay continued.

But at last they are here on these pages where they look very much at home.

And they won’t have any trouble following the advice written below!