Morning In The Garden

I dig it.

I plant it.

I water it.

I weed it.

And do those last two things over and over again.

But there comes a day when my work is rewarded.

Today was that day.

green bean bowl


Just after I took this picture. I stepped back and looked up.

I spied something else I have been waiting for…



Come to me, my buttery goodness. I have plans for you!

There are other things in the garden that give delight of a different sort.




And these…



Though I have never yet grown the stand of sweet peas I see in my mind’s eye. I would love to have armloads of them. But alas, they are rather delicate things, and particular about growing conditions. Perhaps I should buy a whole pound of seed somewhere and plant them like I was growing corn or something. This one smells lovely by the way. I won’t pick it. It’s only one of a handful so far.

I inspected the butternut squash plant and found this marvel shaded by the growing leaves…



It’s a little world of its own under those big leaves. I’m sure complete with mini dramas played out by day and night that I will never be privy to.


The carrot seed tapes that I made last spring, turned out to be a very good idea.

Once they got going, which always takes longer than this gardener’s nerves can take, they have really done well. They like the space that they had from the beginning, and I haven’t had to disturb them in any way by thinning. I am expecting great things from these carrots. And have made a note that I need to plant more next year.



Lastly, here’s a portrait of today’s harvest, which includes the very first ripe tomato.

all of it


Sadly, because of the heat, most of my tomato blossoms have dropped off without setting fruit. I’m hoping that the more moderate temperatures this week will allow the ones that are blooming now to do their job unmolested, the poor dears. The heat has been hard on us all. Man, beast, and plant.

They say we might get thunder today. If we do, I hope it’s followed by nourishing rain.