Warp Time Distortion Anomaly


A long long time ago in a room called Ten Forward, there stood a loom warped with cotton yarn destined to become kitchen towels. So long ago in fact, that I cannot even remember when I set it up in there.

During one of my periodic ‘turn this room upside down and start over’ episodes, the loom and chair got moved to a corner of the kitchen where it has been waiting patiently or perhaps in a fit of cotton yarn rage as far as I know for another long long time. It wasn’t in the way, so it was easy to ignore. For some reason I just lost my enthusiasm for the entire project.

Until the other day.

I do NOT know what happened, but I decided to put ‘weave for 30 minutes’ in my chore rotation mug on the kitchen table. I pulled that slip of paper out of the mug three days ago and did exactly what it said. I was gobsmacked at how much I wove in that amount of time and realized that all I needed was a couple more sessions and I could be finished.

That’s exactly what I did. I am completely chagrined at how quickly it went. I don’t know WHY I thought it was going to take so long. But in my defense, the ‘yarn’ is really more like string and it just looked so daunting. Looks can be deceiving.

Somebody write that down.

I took the long towel off the loom last night and washed it. Then I cut it into three pieces and just finished hemming them on the sewing machine.


I love them!

But I am in no hurry to warp the loom. I dismantled it and put it away for now.

I need time for my bruised ego to recover.

(Oh, poor baby. How fragile you are to be sure.)

Zip it, (). When’s the last time YOU did anything useful around here?

(I serve a vital function in the grand scheme of things.)

What’s that?

(Built in, custom made, premium grade ego deflation.)

Oh crap. You may have a point.

(I ALWAYS have a point.)