Ice Pond Visitor



This morning, first thing, I spied something in the ice pond.

I don’t see him very often, but there he was…



I hid behind the cedar tree to get as close as I could.

But he spied me.



When I first saw him, he was hunkered down, all bunched up, eating away.

I thought, that can’t be a jack rabbit… could it be a pet Hare that escaped?

But when he started to move, I could see I was wrong.

Though he IS pretty healthy in weight for a jack rabbit.

And look at the size of his eyes!!


Today I went down to the garden to pick green beans. Yes…. it must be summer….



When I was in the garden I realized I had let the crookneck get out of hand. I picked about 8 of them. Some were already getting very large and warty. But that doesn’t bother me. I LIKE to eat the necks even when they are a bit overripe. The chickens got the rest of the squash that was full of seeds.

I’ll take care of the necks, thank you very much!



Little slices of buttery goodness. …

Come to mama.   :-)