April Wild


Today was a blustery, chilly, sunny one. Even though rain was falling up on the mountain half the day. It’s weird when it rains with the sun out at the same time.

Very ‘April’.

I was outdoors a big portion of the day, chopping weeds in the garden.

I found some volunteer sunflower plants, so I transplanted them along the fence. I hope they make it. I love volunteer plants. They amaze me. When I think of the icy cold temperatures we had this winter, the fact that those seeds survived just boggles the mind.

I have a sun and windburned face, but I’ve gotten in touch with my garden. I think we are friends again.

Bruce has been in slow burn mode all day, as it was just too chilly to do without him.

I finished the day with something special.



It’s been a while since I had out my watercolors.

I am now officially inspired.



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