Ten Weeks


Another entry to document the growth of the chicks…

Some day I will want to come back and look at them, I know.  :-)



Everyone was enjoying the sun the morning these were taken. It had been a cold night and all the chickens were looking for a place to warm up.  Miss Jane looks like a feathered bowling ball!



The chicks have lost all semblance of babyhood, and now look like mini-hens.






Phoebe looks more pheasant like than ever.

Ms. Ambercrombie is the only one who lays an egg these days. Though the number of days between eggs is getting longer and longer. I’m amazed that she’s still at it, considering she is in the middle of her molt. I was wondering if she is still laying because she is the leader of the flock and perhaps that’s a dominance behavior. Not sure. I’d have to do some research.

I’m glad they have a secure and cozy place to sleep, because it is really getting cold at night. Their water freezes all the time now, so I have started carrying a pail of hot water to them in the morning. And once in a while I cook up a pot of corn mush or cream of rice so they can have a warm meal. The little ones will eat out of my hand now. I snag one of them on a regular basis and have a snuggle. I want them to get used to being handled. They squawk about it a lot less now than they did at first!  After all, I’m the warm mush lady, how dangerous can I be?