So, I had to know.

I just couldn’t let it be a total mystery.

I borrowed Mr. P.’s LED flashlight today and took one of Lydia’s eggs into my utility room and closed the door and shone the light on/through  the egg… it’s called ‘candling’.

Like so…

The first egg I tried seemed like the shell was too thick or something, because I couldn’t see through it.

So I went back out to her nest and stole another one.

This time, it looked just like the one in that video.

So, we have at least one viable chick at this point. I didn’t want to disturb all six of them, so I didn’t do any more.

Though from what I have read, anything can happen right up to the time of hatching and you can lose a chick.

So I’m trying not to….

Wait for it…

Red Hen Lecturing


Oh no. 


Don’t say it…


…count my chickens before they hatch.

(You never listen do you?)

Nope, not when the pun is too delicious.