Being a bit of a star gazer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to observe a total lunar eclipse.

I set my alarm to midnight and crept out into the night, wrapped in a down blanket and settled into a chair to engage in said gazing.

It was awesome.

Unlike a total solar eclipse, which lasts at best a few minutes, a lunar eclipse takes place in glorious slow motion. She gives you plenty of time to stare and marvel.

I saw two brief shooting stars, which just added to the beauty.

Mars was hovering nearby also. And some other planet or star became quite visible very close to the moon as its light grew dimmer and darker and redder.

The cold finally forced me indoors, but before I went in, I decided to try to take a picture of it. I don’t have a tripod, nor a wonderful telephoto lens, but I did manage to get this shot even though all the while I was shivering in cold… and a fair bit of awe.



God makes beautiful things, does He not?



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