Up The Creek Where We Lose Our Zen


Yesterday Sunny and I walked up to the creek.

Little did I know that we would be gone for three hours.

I decided I would take my chances with further high water, and made this….


Look more like this…

less mess


It’s pretty easy to do. I just toss the stuff into the water and it goes downstream to lodge somewhere else.


I then set to and trimmed dead branches out of the trees in ‘my area’. This involved removing my shoes and wading into the water in order to reach some branches on a willow that is growing out toward the creek.  The water is cold. Oh yes. But not as cold as I was expecting.





Then I settled in over by the spot where I balanced rocks last time… and proceeded to fail… over and over and over with three rocks I was trying to work with. One of which was an interesting L shape.

I began to have questions.

While I manipulated my wobbly stacks that continued  to… well… wobble, I wondered if the alignment of planets, or phase of the moon effected the ease or difficulty of rock balancing.

(This sounds like a desperate attempt to excuse incompetence.)

You WOULD think that wouldn’t you…

(Someone has to do this job. It is essential for the integrity of this so-called blog.)

I see.

Anyway, I finally abandoned one of the stones I was working with. And though I might like you to think I’m all Zen all the time…


Shut up. I’m in the middle of a confession here…




I took the ‘interesting’ and offending stone and before I had really considered the consequences,  tossed it into the swift water.



Thus precluding any triumphant victory with that particular chunk of metamorphosed mineral.

I chose a different rock and started over in a new spot.

I finally did achieve a balance, but of a rather pedestrian nature.

I wanted to practice a type of stack done by my rock balance hero, Michael Grab.

Here he is making it look so elegant and simple….


Take a few moments to watch him.

I want to learn how to make those counterbalanced stacks.

But this is all I could muster yesterday:

flat balance


I’m not giving up however. There’s more to learn. I want to become a master of stone balance too!

(So, let me get this straight ObiWan.  Since you have blown the opportunity to claim the Zen master designation, you will now aim for the Stubborn Mule title?)

Something like that.

(Very well. Just trying to keep it real.)

Have you ever noticed the curious fact that you yourself do not cast a shadow?

Don’t you find that interesting?

( ….. )

Just keepin’ it real, ( ), just keepin’ it real.


lime wild