More Corn for C.


Not to belabor the topic, but I have to post some more photos of the corn.

C. asked me for a suitable picture that she could use elsewhere on the internet, so I got out a few ears …. why are they called ears?  Anyway, I got some out and spent a little more time getting closeups.

If you look very closely on a few of these, you can see tiny little belly buttons on the kernels where the silk was attached!

They are such a source of astonishment, I hope you don’t mind my obsession with them right now.

Living in a mostly coniferous forest leaves me craving fall colors. There ARE trees around that turn color, but I never really get my fill since I was born in the East, I KNOW what fall is SUPPOSED to look like… :-) So my little corn harvest is playing stand in for the glories of the deciduous woods.

Feast your eyes…