Raisin Pie, My Oh My


As I write this,  tiny snowflakes are falling.

Sadly though, there is no promise of anything more than this little token.

Feeling sorry for myself today about it.

Mom is here this afternoon for a visit. She is tucked up in my chair behind me reading. We have lots of wood on the fire and it’s toasty in here.



So the raisin pie?

Well, if you like raisins, you’d like this pie!

So to my daughter in law T, next time we see each other, we’ll whip one up and you can decide for yourself.

I like it!


Now there are nuts in it, and I can’t remember which ones you don’t care for. We’ll put ones in that you like. This one has walnuts. And they are a VERY important addition for texture in my humble opinion. So between us, we will figure that part out.


In other news, I have been giving my living room a makeover.

Ever since I moved into this house, that room has just not worked for me. Something seemed off in there. I would walk into the room and immediately want to walk back out. When I opened up the fireplace and took out the dead hawk that was in there unbeknownst to me…  well, that helped quite a bit, but still, something was just not right.

The other day I was talking to my son and his wife and she said… “Wasn’t that room added on after the original house was built?” And something clicked right away.

Since I am so prone to anthropomorphizing pretty much everything in sight, it suddenly made perfect sense to me that my living room feels like an afterthought in this house. It has self esteem issues!

Well. There’s something I can relate to!

And of course, now I’m going to have to give that room a name don’t you know…..

I mean even my back room, as humble and jumbled as it is has a name. I call it ‘The Room Of Requirement’ because it fulfills so many needs in this house.

I have been on a mission ever since this realization. I borrowed my sister in law’s carpet cleaner and have been cleaning the carpet in sections. I have two thirds of it finished as of this morning.

The fireplace is not fit for use with a real fire, so I bought a little electric stove that looks like a woodstove. I’ve taken out the couches that were always WAY too big for the space, and now I have more options for how to use the room.

I’m going to hang another quilt on the big wall of dark brown paneling as soon as I can find something that feels right to brighten things up. There’s WAY too much brown in there!

And I’m going to buy some good speakers to hook to the laptop that my son gave me so I can listen to music in there. Loud music. Happy music. I’ll FILL it with music. How can can a room feel bad about itself when something like this is echoing within its walls?

So, while I finish up the makeover, I’ll be thinking of a name for that room. A name of great self esteem. I’m open to suggestions by the way. I know some of you are pretty perceptive about these kinds of things. :-)