Goldie Gets Crackin’

At last, our little Goldie has laid her first egg…. she’s just under 26 weeks old.

Goldie 1st b

Left to right: Lydia, Phoebe, Goldie.

That’s one tiny little egg what, what?

It’s a minor miracle that this egg is intact however, because this is where I found it last night as I was closing up the coop. I actually bumped it with my foot in the semi-darkness.

Goldie 1st a


The above photo is a re-enactment. :-)

I think she is a little confused about where to lay her egg. Or she is intimidated by the bigger girls who are in the nest. Even though there are two, they seem to prefer the one in the corner right now.

I hope she figures it out soon. I don’t want to step on any eggs!


Now, those two behind her are the only slackers of the coop. They have yet to begin to lay. I’m thinking we may have to have a little talk if they don’t get with the program soon.

In the meantime, my tiny egg crates in the house are filling up much quicker now….

Omelete anyone?