October Bounty


S. came over yesterday with two boxes of apples that she picked from a friend’s trees.

I hit the ground running this morning working most of them up.

I am making a pot of applesauce, and the ever desired crock pot full of apple butter… oh how I WISH you could smell the wonderful aroma of my house today….




I still have apples left. I hope to make another pot of apple butter with them.

Today I ate kale simmered in milk and butter, and a broiled tomato sandwich on a bagel. I’m still getting tomatoes from the garden, because we haven’t had a frost yet. It’s astonishing really… the 20th of October and no frost. I can’t remember that ever happening.

autumn table


A little while ago I looked out my bedroom window and saw a new decoration on the fencepost.



Mr. busy squirrel. We have many gray squirrels around the place. They gallop across my roof quite often.



I love his white belly.

Anyway, that’s life on the homestead today.

Oh, okay, one more picture.



I took pictures of the chicks today to send to G. my chicken guy to see if he agrees with me that I have two pullets and a little rooster.

We’ll see how good my chick sexing abilities are.

Right now I have very little confidence in said abilities.

(I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that kind of deficiency. I mean how often does one need to employ this skill?)

Well, me. Right now dimwit.

Eh, you can’t spoil my day. We have had rain, apples, tomatoes, kale, baby chicks, and gray squirrels.

It’s Autumn in the mountains, and I am a wealthy woman.