Rainy Homecoming


Home again.

I had a wonderful visit. Put the squeeze on my little family in the big mountains.

Out of respect for their privacy concerns, I won’t be posting pictures here of my grandson. But you can rest assured that we all think him a handsome lad.  :-)

As with all newborns, he was all over the place in his waking, feeding, sleeping schedule, but was doing just fine. AND he is in capable… if sometimes tired hands.

It was a joy to visit their home, and I’m so happy to be able to have them in my minds eye… just as they are in their own place.

We had a lovely spectrum of weather conditions. Thunder, then snow, which melted in an astonishingly short time, followed by a VERY warm day, followed by another thunderstorm!  The day I left was beautiful for flying, so all was well.

I’m glad to be home of course and getting back into my routine. While I was gone someone came and took my chick, and replaced it with a bigger one which I hardly recognized….



She is cut from different feathers than the Brahmas. Wiley. Wary. Wild.

But VERY capable of foraging and hanging out with the big girls now.


I’ll try to make sure to take time to handle her each day. I’m hoping to calm her down a bit.

(Good luck with that.)

I’m probably going to need it.



This morning early, I decided to walk up to the little creek and see what was going on up by the footbridge.

I didn’t want to miss the tiger lilies this year.

They weren’t blooming, or really even close just yet, but I found these instead…

Wake Robin

Wake Robins.

Wake Robin2


Wake Robin3

It rained last night. A most welcome thing.

It has rained so much lately, that I’m having to hold off on planting the garden for a few days. But it’s supposed to clear and warm up drastically by next week, so we will be back in the garden soon, where there is no end to the things that need to be done.

Summer is almost upon us, and my Spring chores are not complete.

Time to get busy!