I now realize I was in deep denial about how much work was left on the chicken coop project.

Especially given my level of incompetence.

I change my mind daily about how to solve some problem or another.

Yesterday there was a breath of fresh air however when Mr. P got out his skill saw and a piece of scrap plywood. In a very short time, he solved one of my biggest issues.

The poop board.


I can tinker around with latches and ramps and other small things, but when it comes to power tools, I’m at a loss most of the time.

When I was driving home the other day from town, I spied a pile of stuff on the street with a big FREE sign.

Look what I scored to cover my poop board!



All I need now is the proper cement to glue it to the board, and I will be able to clean up chicken poop pretty darned easily.

I was going to build a ramp for the chickens to walk up to the roost, but remembered that chickens are pretty good ‘hoppers’. S. gave me an old wooden planter that I put a lid on, so now they have a launch pad to get to the roost.



And there in the corner, you can see my solution to the next box issue. I gave up on a more complex set up and decided to do the simplest thing I knew how, using materials I had on hand. It may not be ideal, because I’ve read that the hens like to have an enclosed darkish place to lay their eggs. But dog gone it, I just don’t have enough materials or carpentry skills to make one. So this is our set up….



I like it.

We’ll see if the hens do.

Then I had another issue. There is a space all around the coop where the chickens can get under. I don’t want them hanging out under there, so I have to block it some way or another. This morning I put this leftover roofing along one side.


And the last picture of the day is of a metal flower I found while shopping with my sister-in-law the other day. It seemed perfect for my coop.



Yeah. Pretty girly.

But I AM a farm girl.

So there!

I guess my point is, that there’s still a lot of stuff to do. And I’m plugging away at it. There’s fencing and a gate to make, I’ve ordered a waterer and a dispenser for oyster shell, and I’m going up on the mountain in a little while to get some granite sand for the chickens. They need grit to digest their food.

The list seems to go on and on.

Every now and then I get a little discouraged and overwhelmed. Mostly because this project is outside the scope of my abilities to finish up on my own.

It’s going to be a while till we see any chickens pecking around in their yard.

I hope they appreciate all the hard work that went into their home.

(Don’t hold your breath Cupcake. Have you ever heard the expression ‘bird brain’? I don’t think they will have much of an opinion of your sweat equity.)

You know, I’m going to expect some kind of positive feedback from you soon. Otherwise, I may fire your arse.

(Positive is not in my job description.)

I’m beginning to notice this.

Red Hen Lecturing


Well, I think any hen would be proud to live in such a thoughtfully designed house.

Don’t let him get to you deary. He doesn’t know the first thing about chickens.

Keep going. It will be finished before you know it. 

I sure hope so Red. I sure hope so.



lime wild