Almost A Blue Moon

Though technically tonight is the official ‘blue moon’, last night, my women’s group got together to watch the moon come up. So did that make it the ‘lavender moon’ or something?

In any case, we gathered at a very special spot that has a wonderful unobstructed view of the sky in all directions. This is our second trip to that spot. We are going to have to call it ‘Moon Corner’ or something.

What made it particularly delightful last night was that just two hours before we had a thunderstorm which drenched our whole area with a most welcome rain.

The air was fresh and cool.

We had sparkling grape juice and a blankie.


The sun was just going down…


And then the moon came up…


Pale and ghostly.


And behind us there was another kind of show…


I love where I live.


It’s glorious.