Of This And That


For days and days, the weather people have been telling us about a storm that’s coming. We keep having almost total cloud cover, but no storm.

I’m beginning to think that they are fibbing.

Though a little while ago, the wind started blowing.

I may have to adjust my attitude.

Sunny and I decided to top off the little woodshed this morning, just in case the long forecast storm does arrive.

Mr. P bought himself a nifty little cart for general chores around his place. He gave me permission to use it for wood hauling. It’s the most awesome thing! I can haul about half again as much wood in one load and it’s not tippy.

Wood Cart


Sunny approves of the full wood shed…

Sunny Wood


Even though there hasn’t been a LOT of rain lately, things are still quite damp from the fog and the last rain. This has encouraged some interesting mushrooms to grow around the yard.





This one looks like the fungus that grows in Kombucha. A fermented drink.

After I took this photo, I noticed on the other side of the tree nearby, something a little more colorful…



And its cousins…




The poor chickens are having to deal with a soggy chicken run and dampness everywhere. They don’t exactly complain, but I’m sure they prefer sunshine…


FlockDec10 2014


Here’s a picture of Little Miss with the teenagers. She is looking pretty spiffy in her half grown in new feathers… though Ms. Ambercrombie is still deep in her molt in the foreground there…

Little Miss Spiff


These two have their own little click. Goldie is going to be my cuddle bug. I have picked her up many times and put her inside my coat where it’s warm. I think we are going to be friends. Besides, she likes the treats I bring.



As you can see, they are both fully feathered now and do just fine out in the weather. Though at night, they still cuddle up with Miss Jane, who has the most body heat to share as she is …. well…. enormous.

That’s the latest from the farm.

Still waiting for it to rain.

We will see if this so called storm lives up to the hype.

(You may be sorry that you were so dismissive. The Universe is listening you know….)

True. True.

Time will tell.