Farm Table

What’s on the farm table today?

(You know, I really do have to protest.)

Ask me if I am surprised.

(This is not a working farm. You must maintain some sort of integrity about this.)

Very well. This is not a working farm.

But it FEELS like one. There’s gardening, chicken keeping, field irrigation, lawn mowing, tree trimming, wood stacking, a horse in my immediate vicinity, and wild animals roaming all over the place. What else do you want?

(Cash crops. It’s pretty simple. Don’t obfuscate.)

You have me on that particular aspect.

(Glad that you can see the distinction.)

Okay, tell you what, next time I’ll title the entry “Cottage Table”. Will that mollify you, you pedantic tyrant?

(Very nicely.)

Now that we have that nonsense out of the way… here’s the table:


Summer in a nutshell.


Earlier in the week, I had to go to town… I mean the big town 30 miles away, two days in a row. The first trip I stopped in Walmart to pick up a few things and as I walked down the kitchen aisle, something caught my eye. I stopped. I picked it up… I admired it. I admired it some more and then I stood there and talked myself out of making an impulsive purchase. I’m not much on impulse buying. It goes against my genetic make up.

But the following day, I was regretting that I had been so severe. And now that I had had 24 hours to actually THINK about it, then it could hardly be in the ‘impulse’ category any longer… right?


So I bought it.


And I have absolutely no buyer’s remorse either. :-)

While I was taking this photo at about 6:30 in the morning, a squirrel came charging down from the heights of the oak tree nearby and gave me the stink eye. I snapped two really fast photos flying by the seat of my shutter, because he was in constant motion.


Just nano seconds after this next shot, he leapt from the tree to the roof of the house and scurried across to the trees on the other side. My roof is the toll road for squirrels around here. Only thing is they pay with acorns. Which I have no use for.


This morning they were harvesting acorns from the tops of the trees and letting them fall to the ground so they could pick them up later. As I was walking up from feeding the fish in the garden, one almost hit me on the head.

I guess they have never heard the universally accepted warning… “Look out below!” and omitted it entirely.

They have very few manners. But are rather entertaining most of the time.

Though the galloping squirrel noise on my roof is sometimes a bit much.

Thank goodness they don’t drive Semi trucks.

Or cars with sirens.

Or bulldozers.

(You need to stop now. Seriously. Go do something else.)

Geeze. You ARE in a mood today aren’t you?

Well, you can’t put me out of humor. I have a brand new shiny polka dot tea mug. Which in my world is akin to the Punctuation Immunity Idol.

So how about this ()?

YOU go do something else!