Teeny Tiny Thing


We are doing our best to survive the heat wave that is bombarding the whole West of the country.

It’s been a challenge with no air conditioning. The house is all closed up already this morning, which does help quite a bit.

It’s more hostile outside than in the winter in my humble opinion, so I’m staying indoors most of the time.

Knitting mostly.

Yesterday I finished this little marvel to carry my iPod touch while I’m walking.

nano touch

It’s so cute, I can hardly stand it.

Here’s a spool of thread to give you an idea of size…

nano touch2


I have decided to make a little series of these micro pouches. Just to amuse myself in the heat of summer. I may do a little shaping to make them a bit more interesting.

And at some point today, I need to warp the loom. I just can’t decide what to warp it WITH.

There’s so much yarn to play with. Too many choices. That’s my problem.

I should always have such a problem.


Oh, I almost forgot… here’s the latest scarf. I’m calling it the Harry Potter Scarf. Looks a little wizard to me. :-)