Field Run


I am happy to report that thanks to a weather front that moved in, our air is crystal clear and we’ve had a little rain.

It’s hard to describe our state of mind right now. We can see all the mountains that surround us, which only accentuates to me how disorienting it was to have a fog of forest fire smoke obscuring our usual view of the world. I feel like I know where I am now. AND after looking at everything through thick haze for weeks and weeks, it feels like we have traded in our old black and white 1955 Zenith TV for a brand spanking new whiz bang retina display high definition model. The air is so clear I swear I think I can count the pine needles on the trees across the ice pond.

Because of the cool blustery weather, I decided it was a great day to stack my oak in the back yard. DSC04066

Winter is coming.

I’m ready.

While flush with this success, I decided to push on and I went down to the garden and picked all the tomatoes. In the farm business, this is what’s called ‘field run’.


No sorting or picking over. It’s everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The chickens will get some of the cracked and overripe ones. They will be very happy I’m sure. They don’t care from ugly.

I also dug up one potato plant. I’m trying to decide how I will cook them up. Potatoes lend themselves to so many, many delicious dishes…

And finally, there’s a little oddity to share.

The other day I pulled up all the corn stalks and put them on the burn pile. While doing that I found four ears that I missed when I harvested.

This one was the weirdest little thing. I had to save it. It actually has a few green kernels which I found fascinating.


Poor thing.


I think it is interesting the shapes of the kernels when they don’t have to contend with close neighbors.

The stormy weather certainly does spur one on to get things in order. It’s like you can’t help yourself. Only thing is… now I’m worn out from all this fresh air and exercise.

I need a nap.



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