Chance Meeting In The Yarn Bowl


Oh happy news from the edge of the forest!

A weather system is moving through and for the time being has cleared our skies of smoke and as an added bonus, dropped a little rain for a few hours one night. The temperatures have dropped too. Enough that as I sit here typing, I’m half thinking I should dig out a sweater.

The back door and windows are open to let the clean air waft through the house. What a blessing.


Not long ago, I had just finished up a knitting project and was tidying up my work space. When I sat down in my chair, I glanced over at my knitting bowl and saw three leftover balls of yarn I had tossed in there from the most recent projects.

As I gazed at them, I thought… hmmm…. those look pretty together.


I didn’t have enough of any one of them to make a full bag, so I cast on with the largest ball and proceeded to do something I don’t do very often, and that is use three colors in a bag.

I think that may have to change…..

Here’s the result:


It looks particularly appealing in the early fall light.

Now I think I’m going to go rustle up that sweater….