Visiting Fowl


Our neighbors have quite a menagerie of farm animals, many of which have the run of their property. A few weeks ago, I noticed that a small group of chickens had made their way through the fencing and were foraging out in the middle of the horse pasture. A bit of a dangerous game actually. But there you have it. I’m sure there are lots of lovely bugs and green grass to lure them out there.

But to my surprise this afternoon when I was driving up the lane, I saw them scratching around under the thorny bush to the east of the house.

Of course I felt like I needed to feed them some cracked corn, so I nipped into the house and grabbed a little bucket full. They didn’t run away from me, so I tossed them a few handfuls. They were VERY excited about it too….


My girls got the rest of the bucket for their afternoon snack. These rogue chickens are SO much smaller than my hens. They look kind of funny to me…


Sunny was keeping a real close watch on them from her pen, but when I let her out, she didn’t chase them. That was comforting. I’m glad she is calm around chickens. But don’t think that I’m ready to let mine roam around loose. I’d be a nervous wreck until they got back into the run.

I wonder if these chickens will become regular visitors?

(Perhaps that corn idea was ill advised….)

For once, you could be right…