Magical Wool And Magical Stones


With all the unsettled weather, I am loathe to get too gung ho in the garden just yet. It’s tempting to ‘get an early start’, but having lived in the mountains most of my life, I hope I’m learning to be patient and wait for the truly warm weather to settle in.

In the meantime, as always, I have plenty of creative things to occupy my time.

The other day I was rifling through my yarn stash in search of the next weaving project when I came across this unassuming ball of alpaca yarn given to me by my initiator into the weaving realm. The reason it was still around in my stash is that it was lace weight yarn. Something that I usually don’t buy or mess around with. But it WAS alpaca, it WAS beautiful and I decided to give it a try on my loom.

Turns out I was right to be cautious, because not long after I started weaving it, a warp thread broke. I ALMOST just cut the whole thing off the loom and was ready to put it down as a lesson learned, but decided to try something before I took that drastic step. I spit spliced the thread back together and worked ever so gently past the weak spot.

It worked. And I continued weaving, slowly and carefully.

My patience paid off…

Now I have this wonder…




It’s light as a feather, and full of awesome in my book.

So far in all my weaving experiments, this kind of short color change pattern is my absolute favorite. I love the sort of chaotic, random, but subtly patterned look of it.

This will have to keep me content until I can plant tomatoes. Poor me eh?


The other day after a particularly long session of spring cleaning in the house, I decided I needed some balance in my life.

The sun was going down so my photos are not the most inspiring.

april stones3


april stones2


April Stones1

I can see why Michael Grab continues to balance rocks, even though he’s been doing it for years now.

You never cease to amaze yourself, and BE amazed by this kind of magic.

I’m so glad he showed me the way into this art form.