The Starches Are Covered


Mission accomplished with the pinto beans:

Musical Fruit


I’ll be happy to have these on the pantry shelves. Remind me about them when the first snow falls will ya?

I ventured into the garden this morning to deal with this:



Doesn’t look like much does it?

Well, looks can be very deceiving.

Make a note of it.



I won the potato lottery!

What’s for dinner?

Potato Kugel.

Here’s a basic recipe….

I add some grated carrot to mine and use dry milk powder instead of flour. If you ever decide to make this… be SURE to squeeze out the potato liquid before mixing them with the rest of the ingredients. As a matter of fact, I rinse my grated potatoes in water and squeeze them out.

Delicious with sour cream or applesauce or ketchup if you are in a mood.

I prefer apple sauce myself.

(Ketchup?! How bourgeois!)

You are such a snob.

(If you mean cultured and refined, then I plead guilty.)

No, dude, I meant snob.

(Very well, if it amuses you.)

It does.