Purification By Fire


It’s foggy this morning.

Full on November weather.

There’s rain coming later today. Mr. P decided it was a good day to set fire to the pile of yard debris I have been adding to all summer and fall. It’s a perfect outdoor thing to do because tending it keeps the damp chill away. But really, I don’t mind being a bit on the cool side when I’m outdoors. I think my Scots side is strongest. A little damp and chill never deters me. I can be cheerful on the cloudiest day.

For instance, this looks like a perfectly bonny day to me…



Anyway, Mr. P lit the fire, and I’m tending it.



Elvin, his dog, came over to keep an eye out for any mice that might vacate the premises.

He was disappointed however, because no creature seemed to be living there.



Perhaps the decor didn’t suit.

Anyway, I’m getting all my outdoor chores finished before the rain starts. I sat out in the chicken run and picked up Phoebe and tucked her into my coat for a while. She wasn’t all that thrilled at first, but when she realized how warm it was, she settled down and let me coo to her for a while. Goldie will be next. But I’m going to bribe her with some warm oatmeal first. I think she and Little Miss are going to share the low hen on the pecking order spot. We shall see as they get older how that plays out.

I’m off to the kitchen now to concoct some kind of warm food for everyone.

Heck, I might roast a kosher hot dog over the fire.

I bet Elvin would think that would taste better than a mouse don’t you?

(You don’t even know what mice taste like.)

Do you?

Boy I hope not. That would be so disturbing on so many levels.

(Don’t be absurd.)

Well, I’m not the one with mouse on my breath.


Stand further away when you do that will you?


( /END conversation/ )