Garden Comforter In Place



The barometric pressure made me do it.

There are clouds moving in today, and later in the week we are supposed to get rain again. This spurred me into finishing up the garden today.

It’s partly cloudy and it did spit a few raindrops on me while I was working.  And believe me, I was working.

I dismantled one of the compost piles and hauled three wheelbarrows of compost into the area where the tomatoes were this year.  This is going to be prime real estate come spring:



I pulled a few weeds and most of the zinnias and marigolds. But I left a few just because they are so brave and bright right now, I want to look at them a little longer…



Those yellow ones are snapdragons. Stalwart and true.



I was generous with the grass hay mulch, but still had a quarter of a bale left, so I took it down to the barn to use when I need it in the Spring.



That’s a little stand of chard that I thought might like to grow, so I left it.



And finally, a little patch of carrots that are still growing. I pulled a few while I was out there to grate into my salad for dinner.

I’m very optimistic about this experiment.

It feels right.

Oh, FYI to Allimom, all the orange marigolds in my garden this year were volunteers. The seeds don’t seem to care about sub-zero temperatures. :-)  I have strewn them all over the place. Along with snapdragons, zinnias and sweet williams that I let go to seed.

My garden is ready for winter.

So am I.