Last Week Was Terrible

So, I thought last week was going to be awesome.  I made all kinds of plans – 3 dates and 2 dinners with friends.  Date #1 with “Jon from NY” on Monday went pretty well.  We got along pretty good.  I just wasn’t very attracted to him physically.  Then one of my friends cancelled dinner which was supposed to be on Wednesday.  That sucked, I was really hoping to get together with her and talk, but whatever we rescheduled for next week.  Then date #2 happened on Thursday.  It was fantastic!  I was so into him!  Until we talked about faith and we were so not in sync.  So, we talked about it a bit right there on the date and we determined that we probably aren’t on the same page.  And so that was the end of that.  I was (and still am) super disappointed.  It ruined all of my other plans for the week.  I met up with Drew on Friday and he could tell that I just looked and felt sad.  I talked about it with him and it felt good to release some of the emotions, but I’m still feeling sad even today.  Finally, on Saturday I had another date.  This gentleman was pretty nice, very cute… but I don’t know.  I was still so upset about the date on Thursday that I couldn’t get into this guy.  I tried to act like a normal human being though and I guess it went ok.  He seemed to like me and he followed up with some texts.  Sunday I was just done.  I couldn’t do anything.  I stayed in bed half the day and spent the other half of the day playing a game on my iPad. I don’t know why I’m so disappointed over this guy.  I guess it’s because for a few hours I was HAPPY.  I felt GOOD being with him.  I felt normal with him and like things were finally going right.  And so quickly it was just… gone. Ugh I can’t wait to forget last week.

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