Mood Boost

Yesterday I met up with Drew for lunch and then we hung out at the mall talking for a few more hours.  It was REALLY helpful.  He and I have such good, deep conversations and it just felt so good.  And it seemed like I actually helped him out too.  He told me that he had been feeling down since he failed a physical exam for a job that he wanted and that spending the day with me helped him feel better.  Yay!  Knowing that I helped him feel a bit better was the best part!

Today I attempted to go to a new Presbyterian church that a friend recommended to me.  It took a long time to get there so that was irritating.  And then when I got there, it was so big and there were so many classes going on, I couldn’t figure out where to go.  And apparently I walked in on them filming some children and they waved me off.  Like I had any idea where else to go!  I walked all through the church and finally left because I couldn’t find anybody to talk to or any signs to indicate where the sermon was being given.  Very weird :(  But, my friend said that she could have her other friend introduce me around and tell me what to do, so I will reach out to that guy soon.

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