Last Friday, my project manager Mary informed me that she had given my name to the project manager of another project – NRO.  They have a need for a few business analysts so Mary thought I might be interested.  At first I was kind of pissed since I’ve only been on GSA for 10 months and I’m tired of getting passed around from project to project.  But, after thinking about it more I really hope they pick me for the new project.  I don’t like the work I do at GSA and even after 10 months I feel like an outsider with the team, so it would be great to go to another team.

Tuesday I had a quick chat (less than 5 mins) with someone on the NRO team.  They really just wanted to know if I had GL and Budget experience lol.  I said I had a bit of experience, but was more of a generalist.  So… we’ll see how it goes!  If they pick me, I’ll have to have 1-2 more interviews with CACI.  It’s CACI’s project and CGI is a sub-contractor… I think.

I’ve been missing Alain lately… lol I say that as if it’s new or different than usual.  I pray everyday for relief from the heartache.

A few weekends ago on New Year’s Eve, AJ and I had a fight about my friendship with my coworker Dave.  Since then I’ve been backing off and trying to avoid Dave a little.  I feel a little grossed out by him for some reason.  I guess I never thought that Dave was trying to get with me until AJ said so.

I’d say I’m mildly depressed right now.  I am unable to look forward to the future as I don’t think there’s anything exciting or worthwhile coming.  I don’t have any goals.  I can’t really come up with anything to work towards as I feel like I don’t really care about anything.  I’m bored with life.