I had my Position of Trust clearance interview this morning.  It took about 45 mins, quite easy.  Just tedious going through all of my addresses in the past 7 years.

AJ texted me again today after not talking to me since Saturday.  Last Thursday I told him that I decided that I didn’t want to have premarital sex anymore due to my Christian beliefs.  He took it pretty well on Thursday, but I guess he needed more time to come to terms with it so we didn’t talk all weekend.

Today was a pretty typical day at work.  It’s not terrible, but it’s starting to become agony for me.  Starting is the wrong word… it has been agony for quite some time, but now I feel like I can barely stand it. I dread waking up in the morning and dragging myself to work.  Then dragging myself through all of the tasks I have to do at work.  I feel half-dead.  Tomorrow I have a meeting with Lenny about how I’m feeling about being on the project so far.  I don’t know how I’m going to get through it without letting it slip that I HATE IT! lol