This weekend Aj came over (as usual) and on Saturday we went to Silver Diner for dinner.  During dinner, his coworker John asked him to come to his sister’s place to hang out.  Aj said no at first, but on our way home from the restaurant, he said he really wanted to go and show me off.  I was to flattered to refuse, so I agreed lol.  So, we go home and I change clothes and freshen up and we go to John’s sister’s place.

As soon as we arrive, John looks like he’s on drugs or something.  He’s just really drunk, but he’s acting weird.  There were 4 other guys and 3 girls there.  About 5 minutes after showing up, John wants Aj to go out with him and his cousin to have a smoke.  Two of the other guys leave (because John is just too far gone and they want to end the night), so I’m left in the apartment alone with John’s sister, some other girl, their 3 kids and some Hispanic guy.  After talking to John’s sister for a few minutes, the Hispanic guy comes out of some back room and sits down next to me on the couch.  He keeps saying things to me that I don’t understand.  John’s sister translated once and told me that he was asking what kind of music I liked.  I kept trying to ignore him, but after a while he started asking me to dance with him.  I told him no about 3 times.  Finally, Aj and John and the girl come back and Aj sits down with me on the couch… and can you believe this Hispanic guy STILL doesn’t get up or move.  He asks me to dance againnnn and I told him I would dance with my boyfriend who is sitting right here lol.  He finally gets up and leaves the two of us alone on the couch.  That’s when Aj says we should leave.  I don’t know what I would have done if something worse had happened while he was gone.  The more I think about it the more scared I get… I was alone in a strange apartment with 3 strangers and Aj had my ID and credit card with him.  He also had the car keys!  And I had no weapon whatsoever.  Ugh…I need to be more careful and bring mace next time!

I know he was talking about me to John’s sister in Spanish while Aj was gone because they both kept looking at me.  It was the most awkward and weird 1 hour of my life! haha  Yeah, we were only at the apartment for a total of maybe 45 mins – 1 hr.

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