Succubus Dream

Last night I had an interesting dream.  I dreamed that some close friends or family (or both), I don’t remember who though, were trying to turn me into a succubus.  But, not in the literal definition of the word… in my dream a succubus was just a very ugly, nightmarish creature that looked very much like the creatures in the movie The Descent, but they also had wings.  They could climb up walls and walk on ceilings.  My friends/family tried to turn me into a succubus by performing a ritual/chant and telling me that the ritual was supposed to prevent me from being turned into a succubus.  At first I participated in the ritual, believing that they were telling me the truth and it would really help me, but about 75% through it, I suddenly remembered that this ritual was one that turned you into a succubus and that everyone performing the ritual with me must already be a succubus.  I begin running away, but it’s too late – I become a succubus.  I’m freaking out and panicking, but I just want to get away.  So, I fly away with my new wings haha.

The part where my family/friends betray me may be related to the mini-fight Aj and I had just before I went to bed.

I get the feeling that it may also have something to do with people that are close to me trying to lead me in a direction I don’t want to go.  However, this doesn’t ring any bells in real life.

The creatures were terrifying, but I don’t remember why I was so scared of becoming one.  I know that there was a reason in the dream, but I can’t remember it now.


I just got back from walking the dog and thinking about the dream a bit more.  I think I may have got it!  I think that it means I’m afraid of becoming like my friends/family in that they don’t like their jobs and didn’t have (in my opinion) satisfying lives.  I am worried that even though I don’t want to end up like them, I will be fooled into complacency and will become like them anyway (like in the dream where the ritual fools me at first and even though I try to run away, it is still successful in changing me).

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