My Difficulties

The past few weeks I’ve been getting kind of serious about purchasing a house.  I was told by the bank that I would qualify for a $350,000 mortgage so I got excited thinking “well why wait any longer to buy the house you want??”.  So, I contacted a real estate agent last Monday and then over the weekend I applied for pre-approval for $335k ($350k-15k down payment). Unfortunately, the loan processor called me yesterday and said my debt to income ratio is too high and we had to reduce the pre-approval amount to $270k which is sooooo much less than I thought I could qualify for!  :(  I was really disappointed, but at the same time I was kind of expecting that it was too good to be true.  In any case, I am still going to hunt around and hope something that I like comes up in my price range in the area I want to live.  If not, I’m okay with just waiting until I save enough money and pay down enough debt to afford more of a mortgage.  I’m sure by this time next year I will have another $7-10k saved and another $10k paid off my student loans so I’ll be looking good at that point ;).  Oh well… we’ll see how it goes!  I’m meeting with my agent on Friday morning to check out a nice townhouse in Arlington with NO HOA and NO condo fees!  It really sounds perfect… i.e. too good to be true! LOL


Depression is Lifting

I’m starting to feel like my depression is actually lifting! I don’t know if it’s the fact that the sun is out longer or the weather is warmer or all of the antidepressants I’m taking, but I am feeling a lot more positive about life in general. I no longer feel like my life will never get any better. Instead I feel like my life has endless possibilities! I no longer have such negative self-talk. My self-talk is actually really positive. All of a sudden a few days ago, this really positive, kind, loving person just showed up in my head and has been encouraging me everyday hahah.