Feeling Both Horrible and Hopeful

I’m feeling very very strange tonight. I feel both horrible and depressed, but at the same time, hopeful for the future. I had another soul-crushing day at work, my manager frustrated me as did my friend John. Then as I came home a child that lives in my apartment community said he hated me. I don’t even know this child but it still was not a great thing to come home and have someone say to you. Then my boyfriend shuts down on me because I’m going to my neighbor’s apartment to get to know her better, but he doesn’t 100% believe me. Fortunately, the saving grace of my day was spending an hour getting to know my neighbor Marla better. She is really cool and I see a little of myself in her. She made me feel good about myself and was very sweet. So, I guess I’m just feeling all the crap from today in addition to the happiness that Marla made me feel. It’s still strange to feel both positive and negative at the same time. It’s very confusing and kind of numbing. I’m not sure which emotions to go with, so I’m just kind of sitting back and feeling nothing.

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